After living in a home for an extended period, owners will eventually have to face the daunting task of roof replacement. Most are wary about the cost so they put it off for as long as they can. However, this can aggravate existing issues and lead to higher expenses later on. The best way to go about it is to face the project head-on. Learning about the factors that affect the cost of roof replacement is a good first step. According to All Season Roofers in Albuquerque, you can use an online roofing cost calculator correctly to obtain a rough estimate and get your finances in order.

Surface Area

The biggest factor to consider is the size of the roof. How much surface does it need to cover? Sometimes this matches the floor area of the house but it could also be larger or smaller depending on the overhang. The size will determine the amount of materials that you will need to purchase for adequate coverage, as well as the length of supporting beams, gutters, flashing, and other elements. Wide roofs can also present some technical challenges for the contractors. You may also want to use this opportunity to cover other areas of the house such as a wooden deck.

Slope and Height

A steep roof will make rain and snow slide down quickly so their weight won’t become a burden for too long. This can prolong the lifespan of the structure. However, this kind of roof design will have a larger surface area than a flat roof so you need more materials. It is also more difficult to work on for the roofers. They may have to use additional safety equipment to prevent slips and falls. They will also have to exercise caution when walking on the surface which may slow them down significantly, thus increasing the labor cost. Roofs located at higher elevations will also pose similar issues.

Roofing Material

Aside from quantity, we also have to look into the quality of roofing materials. Some are better suited to certain geographical areas than others. For example, those who live in places that experience a lot of hurricanes must look for options that can withstand strong winds. Otherwise, they might have to conduct roof repairs almost every year. In certain areas, the bigger concern is the insulation provided by the roof against the heat of the sun or the snow overhead. It may also be better protection against water seepage.

Current Condition

Homeowners may want to invite multiple roofing contractors for a visit so that they can inspect the structure and assess the current condition. Some homes might still have a sturdy framing, especially if metal was used in the construction. This should result in reduced cost since you would only have to change the surface material. You might even get away with minor repairs that are limited to specific sections. However, timber frames that are already suffering from rot or termite infestation may have to come down with the rest of the roof. Starting fresh will ensure stability and dependability for decades to come.

Disposal Fee

A large project such as a full roof replacement will generate a lot of waste materials. The volume of debris and excess materials can pile up quickly. In many areas, it will be necessary to rent a big dumpster to keep things neat around the property. A truck can come around can haul this whenever it reaches a certain level. Homeowners can contact dumpster rental companies directly or pay their contractor to handle everything. The latter is often preferable since it reduces stress and ensures a streamlined workflow.

Geographical Area

Cost of labor varies depending on the location. The same exact job will be more expensive in big cities compared to rural towns just because workers have higher wages in the former. However, this may be offset by the excellent availability of materials in cities due to higher demand and better logistics. Homeowners might want to consider using locally-sourced materials in order to lower the cost. Of course, the choice of contractor will also have a big impact on the overall cost. Make it a competitive bidding among multiple options so that you can get reasonable estimate for your roof replacement.

As you can see, roof projects are complex undertakings. The cost can go up or down depending on several factors. Homeowners may not be able to do anything about the size of their roof or their current location but they can control the selection of materials, contractors, and project scope.