Happy and satisfied customers contribute greatly to the success of a business. Yet, how can ensure that your customers are happy with your products and services if they are unable to communicate with you?

A majority of businesses often lag behind by providing inefficient untimely customer support. You need to be in touch with them through a reliable and trustworthy option and even resolve their issues if any for building a relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust.

Top WordPress Support Plugins 2017

Top WordPress Support Plugins 2017 : All these superb customer support plugin insights  have been updated for 2017

And setting up a customer support service system on your website can ensure that you are always connected with your customers.

We have compiled a list of feature-rich and highly rated customer support ticket WordPress plugins to help you set up a support system on your site immediately. We’ll also answer the questions of is WordPress good for SEO. This feature article has been updated to add new WordPress support plugins and revise older ones in 2017.

ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support is one of the widely used WordPress plugins that stand out from the rest due to the integration of video chat, voice support and live chat features.

Clickdesk Live Support

The plugin basically is a suite of a variety of customer service tools that allows you to manage an accurate ticketing system along with multiple options to communicate with your audience when required. You can even manage your offline chats and emails with ClickDesk Live Support.

ClickDesk Live Support even features an advanced reporting feature that offers detailed insights on your business.

ClickDesk Live Support Features

  • Has Complete customer management solution with ticketing system
  • Lets you send and receive files from chat widget.
  • Comes integrated with video chat, voice messages, and live chat features.
  • Supports Multi-language with ‘Click-to-Translate’ feature.
  • Offers a Visual customizer to modify the front-end outlook.
  • Also provides an advanced reporting feature.
  • Monitors visitors with accurate information.
  • Has an inbuilt social integration toolbar.
  • Also integrated with Live chat and video call with Skype and G-Talk

Find out more about this exciting WordPress ticket plugin for customer support right here.

JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket is a user-friendly, easy to use and simple customer support system that has received 4.2 stars out of 5. It enables users, visitors, and guests to generate a support from front-ends.

JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket does have some comprehensive features to rank among the very best. It enables the users to upload files with their tickets. Upon every ticket creation, both users and admin are notified. It even allows you to have multiple help-desk agents to handle the tickets and respond to them.

JS Support Ticket Features

  • Allows Front-end ticket creation
  • Supports icon for front-end with several position options
  • Provides ticket email notification as per admin configuration
  • Allows multiple file attachments for ticket and reply
  • Provides useful filters on ticket for user and admin
  • Lets you allocate departments to ticket for precise management
  • Allows you to display accurate ticket status message and highlight it
  • Allows admin to edit ticket anytime
  • Offers HTML editor for ticket issue

Interested in exploring the potential of JS Support Ticket? If so be sure to take a close look right here.

Sola Support Tickets

Sola Support Tickets is considered as an end-to-end help desk and support ticket plugin that automatically adds a ticket page to your website and lets you add priorities and internal notes to each support ticket generated.

Sola Support Tickets

Sola offers email notifications for new ticket and responses. Though it supports only one support agent, it allows you to purchase more if required.

Sola Support Tickets Features

  • Lets you display support tickets status – pending, open, and solved
  • Automatically adds a Submit Ticket page to the site
  • Allow guests to submit support tickets
  • Also sends email notifications for new support tickets and support tickets responses
  • Adds Priorities to your support tickets – low, high, urgent, and critical
  • Lets you add multiple support agents
  • Allows you to mark Support tickets either private or public
  • Supports Macros where it lets you add predefined responses to your support tickets
  • Lets you select a default ticket status

The WordPress Sola plugin can do wonders for your customer support offering, so why not check out this plugin and see what it can do.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is one of the leading customer support WordPress plugin which is an excellent choice for communicating with your audience and building a robust relationship.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is a free plugin and thus can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost. The plugin makes use of Ajax, making ticket generation and customer support faster and easier. You can even add a support tab to all your WordPress posts and pages, enabling users to click on the tab to choose the support channel or submit a ticket.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Features

  • Supports multiple file attachments for ticket
  • Allows ticket submission through the admin, the frontend and on behalf of users
  • Offers priority, status, category selection for each ticket
  • Sends email notification when a new ticket is submitted to admin and originator
  • Supervisor user role for Ticket & Agent Management
  • Allows you to assign tickets to agents
  • Offers agent based ticket statistics
  • Also, supports Guest ticket submission via Facebook login

If WP Support Plus sounds like an interesting, feature rich WordPress support plugin then be certain to take a close look and see.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System, Elite Support Helpdesk

WordPress Advanced Ticket System is yet another free WordPress plugin that adds a support ticket system to your WordPress website.

Elite Support Helpdesk

The plugin enables your customers to submit tickets to report an issue about your product, service or website. While submitting a ticket, users can even mark the priority of the ticket. WordPress Advanced Ticket System is an ideal plugin for support and advanced issue management.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System Features

  • Supports ticket submission through the admin for unregistered users via the shared guest user feature and through the admin for registered users
  • Supports priority, status, type and product values preset by the admin
  • ticket statistics through dashboard and front-end widgets
  • Smooth integration with every WordPress theme

Why not look in detail at this fully featured WordPress customer support plugin and evaluate it today.

InkTicketing System

InkTicketing is a premium WordPress plugin developed by InkThemes, a popular themes and plugins developer. It is an online ticket support plugin that can be easily incorporated with any number of sites.

InkTicketing WordPress plugin

The InkTicketing WordPress plugin is developed to help you troubleshoot customer queries in the most professional manner and within a stipulated time period.

InkTicketing Features

  • Comes integrated with a Troubleshooter for the users to solve their problems on their own.
  • Features End-to-end customer support ticketing solution ideal for e-commerce sites and other business sites
  • Provides Query Filtering based on certain parameters.
  • Equipped with Easy-to-use back-end and front-end interface.
  • Offers Comprehensive notification delivery system
  • Department-wise ticket assignment for distributing workload.
  • Unlimited number of departments, products and support agents
  • Has the capability to prioritize tickets according to query type.
  • Provides lifetime support and license
  • Regular product updates for enhanced features

Head over to their web site and check out this fully featured customer support plugin for WordPress right away. You can find out more about InkTicketing right here.

Awesome Support Ticketing System

Another open source ticketing system for WordPress sites, Awesome Support WordPress plugin is developed in such a way that it can easily handle all the generic functionalities related to helpdesk support system.

awesome support

With the Awesome Support WordPress plugin you can even get extended capabilities with the premium add-ons of the Awesome Support plugin extending this plugins capabilities some way.

Awesome Support Features

  • Lets you set up multiple help desk agents.
  • Lets you upload any type of File
  • Automatically Sends email notification.
  • Available in Polish, Persian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, French, and English
  • Easy installation and setup.

Be sure to take a closer look at the Awesome Support WordPress plugin right here.

SupportEzzy Support Plugin

A WordPress support plugin that has been used by many popular and reliable names in the industry is developed to help you manage your customer support activities.

SupportEzzy plugin

SupportEzzy Support Plugin : a fully featured support plugin for WordPress

SupportEzzy plugin is developed by CodeCanyon developer, the plugin is extremely user-friendly and has well-designed front-end layout. The plugin enables you to create unlimited departments, agents, products, and tickets.

SupportEzzy Features

  • Lets you transfer tickets between departments and/or agents.
  • Supports custom fields.
  • Lets you upload Files as ticket attachments.
  • Offers Customizable layouts, fonts, and color schemes
  • Allows sorting and searching of tickets on demand.
  • Integrated with Inbuilt email notification feature
  • Seamlessly supports WooCommerce
  • Lets you create unlimited agents, products, departments and unlimited tickets
  • Has user-friendly front-end interface.

If you like the sound of this fully featured SupportEzzy plugin for WordPress then be sure to make time to evaluate the plugins feature set and information, you can get started right here

Zendesk Support for WordPress

Zendesk Support for WordPress

Zendesk Support for WordPress : one of the more popular WordPress customer support plugins

We all know a lot about the chat support of Zendesk. It is highly resourceful and a pretty popular plugin, chances are that you have come across it already in some aspect. The support plugin of Zendesk is a step ahead of the chat plugin. The Zendesk Support can merge with your business blog or website and then allows your customers to interact with you at the time of their need.

It also empowers you to manage all your customer’s query and complaints in an effective way. Let’s have a look at what this Zendesk WordPress plugin has to offer you,

  • Zendesk empowers your customers to sign in once to submit the ticket, check status and comment in your community forum.
  • You can directly turn the blog comment into a ticket to provide convenience to your customer.
  • It empowers you to add Zendesk Support Web Widget to all your website’s pages. This will help your customer to reach you easily.
  • You can easily access all the tickets directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Just with a simple contact form, all your customers can reach you and submit their query tickets.

Empower your customers and client support specialists, why not evaluate the Zendesk WordPress plugin right now and see.

Catchers HelpDesk

Catchers HelpDesk WordPress Plugin

Catchers HelpDesk WordPress Plugin : This plugin slots neatly into the admin.

Catchers Helpdesk is a powerful helpdesk plugin for your WordPress admin area and backend system. With this useful WordPress plugin, you can easily provide efficient customer support to your customers.

The ticketing system helps you to manage all your customer’s complaint effectively. Let’s see some of its features that you might love in this WordPress plugin,

  • A vigorous email fetching via contact form makes it easy for your customers to reach you. Then, with an external POP3 account, it not only retrieve emails but also converts them into tickets for keeping the track of the issue.
  • You can custom design the replies you send to your prospects. This gives you the power to reply your prospects speedily.
  • To give you a better idea of the prospect, it featured with Customer lifetime value. This gives you a dollar oriented idea of the current value of the prospect to your organization.
  • You can easily have a look at all the previous order made by your prospect.
  • It is highly compatible with WooCommerce.
  • You can also have a look on all the previous orders, interactions of the prospect. This makes it a highly useful tool while managing and providing support to your prospects.

This is a fully featured WordPress customer support plugin, so if you like the look and feel of this feature set then be sure to give Catchers HelpDesk a whirl.

Wrapping Up

Considering today’s e-commerce business, a customer support service is no longer a privilege but the need of the hour for most businesses and entrepreneurs. Apart from building robust relationships with your valued customers, it enables you to provide amazing customer experience that keeps clients happy and coming back for more.

The above-mentioned list of the popular ticket system WordPress plugins includes both open source and premium plugins. Another option would be to commission a bespoke customer service WordPress plugin that fits your needs perfectly albeit at extra expense.

There are many dedicated WordPress developers in India, the U.S, Europe and elsewhere in the world who could fulfil this development task. Thus, you can choose the most suitable one depending on your budget and requirement.