So far, YouTube has become one of the leading video sites online. Billions of users visit the site to watch, share or simply just like random videos. Consequently learning how to promote Youtube videos for greater views and engagement is a very useful skill indeed.

Most internet marketers and webmasters use YouTube as their major marketing strategy alongside other social media platforms. Ordinary people either want to be famous or earn from their YouTube videos over the long term. For WordPress bloggers in particular YouTube videos are extremely useful for driving traffic to the blog or vice versa.

10 Awesome Tips To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

YouTube hacks for more traffic from youTube Videos

YouTube hacks for more traffic from YouTube Videos and build legions of loyal video followers.

Whatever the true reason, these golden 10 tips and YouTube hacks are sure to catapult your YouTube status and turn your random videos into a gold mine that drive repeat traffic and video views for ages to come. Some of the ongoing benefits of a proper YouTube marketing strategy include but are not limited to :

  • Capturing Engaged Attention. Nothing Beats a Creative YouTube Video
  • High and Sustained Traffic Volumes
  • Useful Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth
  • Multiple Video Marketing Channels
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Social Media Marketing Integration and Recognition
  • World-Wide Accessibility, Reach a Global Audience

So without any more posturing, let’s get to the top 10 YouTube hacks and video promotion tips that you need to be aware of in 2017 shall we?

Use Befitting and Interactive Descriptions

YouTube video descriptions

YouTube video descriptions : Make sure you state what the video is actually about.

Descriptions are the marketers of your video. They are what attract people to view your video. As much as possible, keep it short and simple. Lengthy titles tend to put off most viewers. Pay attention to the keywords as well.

Keywords play a major role in giving your video favorable rankings in the search results. Appropriate keyword optimization will not only improve the channel authority but also YouTube organic reach.

By doing so, you will be making your videos far more accessible to potential viewers. This will lead to a gradual growth of new subscribers each and every day.

Attach Tags and Annotations

What are annotations? These are the customized and clickable overlays on the text which add informational content. They go the extra mile in terms of explanation, thus adding value to viewing experience.

Types of annotations include spotlight annotation and in-video programming. These may as well be used to shed some light on other videos you uploaded.

Typically, annotations are placed below the video. You could also include links to related videos (tags) so as to dramatically boost your viewership. Add a maximum of 6 tags within the annotation. Ensure these links are closely related to your uploaded video.

Make Interesting and Engaging Videos

YouTube hacks for more traffic from youTube Videos

YouTube hacks for more traffic from YouTube Videos : Make video viral and they feed themselves.

‘Interesting’ in this case refers to controversial content. It could either be a positive/negative review about a product or movie, or maybe a funny video. In other words, make it viral, such that it attracts every viewer’s attention.

Your primary goal should be having a video that has multiple shares on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. A perfect example of a viral video is a cat video. Everybody loves cats. Their goofy yet adorable character is simply irresistible.

With an engaging description, your video is bound to capture the attention of a considerable lot of viewers. When making interesting videos, however, steer clear from uploading content that may be overly controversial or disturbing to most people.

Check Your Video’s Playback Quality

To give your viewers a satisfactory experience in terms of quality and clarity, don’t be in a rush to upload your video. Ensure you have the necessary tools and software needed for the perfect video.

Make sure your camera is of top-notch quality. High resolution cameras tend to produce the best HD videos. The ability to record high-quality audio also matters.

If you’re using recording software, ensure it records high-quality videos and comes with inbuilt editing features.

Publicize Your YouTube Content Far and Wide

Once you upload your video, don’t just sit and relax. Take the extra time on your hands to get your video noticed. Even successful film producers promote their film trailers before their eventual box office release. Sure enough, these films become huge successes.

Likewise, you too can publicize your videos on the social media networks. Do this by either tweeting, sharing, stumbling or bookmarking. Additionally, you can add a widget on your website or blog that show your videos from your channel.

Remember, more shares equals to more views.

Participate and Respond to YouTube Video Comments

If you have enabled comments for your videos, be sure to reply to all comments. Most viewers find it impossible to move on to another video without leaving their two-sense on the video.

It feels great knowing that there are those who appreciate your tedious efforts to make that particular video a success. Show your gratitude by typing a simple ‘thank you’ or even extending it a little longer.

Like all videos, not all comments are positive. Find a way to respond to such comments without coming out as rude or harsh. Alternatively, you could choose to ignore comments that really get on your nerves. NEVER engage your viewers in an online argument.

Create a Captivating Video Series

If you have the time and resources, this is the way to go. Having an ever-increasing viewership is what we all seek to achieve. Therefore, create an original set of ongoing stories or videos that will leave your viewers yearning for more.

In your video, include a call to action message informing your viewers to check out other videos in your series.

Viewers will stay hooked and subscribed to your channel to catch the latest video in your series. More viewership is equivalent to more subscribers.

Include Appealing Thumbnails

Thumbnails play a key role in attracting a viewer’s attraction fast. Make use of interesting and exciting thumbnails so as to increase your YouTube views.

Additionally, thumbnail images increase your chances of garnering more views. Once you include a catchy thumbnail, they will almost instantaneously appear on Google’s search result.

Provided you’ve used impactful images, your visitors, like fish, will take the bait.

Be Natural and Yourself

In cases of product reviews or overall videos that require your facial presence, exercise utmost confidence. The mission and purpose of the video should not, at any point, be lost due to fear or anxiety.

Those watching you believe that you know what you’re doing. Prove them right. When speaking in public, loosen up a little. When standing, be free with your body. Eye-contact (in this case, with the camera), is equally important. Some of these public speaking tips in an earlier article here on DesignBump carry over quite well into presenting videos or any kind of vblogging.

Pay attention to what you say as well. Do extensive research on your product or discussion topic before presenting it to the public. The more informative you are, the more famous your channel becomes.

Just Be Patient and Wait for Some Useful Data

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to establish your channel. You may have followed all these steps but you’re not getting your desired results.. Not every video you make will be an instant hit.

Provided you give the few subscribers a reason to keep viewing your videos, others will come on board. The more you produce more videos, the more you grower better and better at it.

Never be in a hurry to gain subscribers. Learn the hoops and develop new skills in the process. Before you know it, a single video out of the thousands you’ve made will drastically make all your efforts worth your while!v