19. Man’s Best Friend


Dogs are mans best friend, and it’s for good reason. Whether you’re a dog person or not, this wonderful traveler’s tale will make your heart warm. Not only did she travel the world and gain magical life experience, but she met someone that would change her life forever.

18. The Journey Begins


Gina Ashley is a freelance writer and art director from Soho, London. She loves drinking gin, food, fashion, lifestyle, life and her hanging with her boyfriend. And guess what? She is head over heels in love with our furry friends. One day, she made a decision, which ended up changing her life forever. 

17. Welcome To Greece

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Gina decided to leave London and travel to Greece to see the beauty that she had admired in photos for years. She decided to spend most of her time in Greece living on a boat and returning to shore once every two weeks.

16.Meditating in Mediterranean


Here’s Gina, probably trying to figure out where can she get a good internet connection. All jokes aside, Gina and her boyfriend had a great time in Greece. And while on the boat, they learned a lot about themselves and about life. It was a lovely experience. But they loved something else even more.

15. Did You Miss Me?


Our globetrotting, boat-riding friend made some friends at the base, and this one here, he became her furry little shadow. He would sit outside her boat in storms, soaking wet. He would sit waiting for her and when she arrived, he would even wag his tail so much his whole body would swing side to side. It was love at first sight.

14. Call Me Spud


Spud became the bud Gina missed while away from shore, and the bud she hung out with when she got back to shore. The next few months flew by and every time Gina left the marina, he would run along the 30 metre quay to the end. He would go mental with happiness when she arrived and whine when she left, sitting with his toes right on the edge, confused. Just like her friends in London, he could not understand why she was leaving.

13. When The Storm Came

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Once, while Gina was thankfully on shore, they were hit by a terrible storm. Gina recalls the storm was so bad that they could not see 10 feet in front of them. The boat anchors slipped and were hitting the quay. As Gina raced to turn on the boat’s engines, securing ropes and adjusting fenders, Spud followed her all the while. Finally she picked him up and ran onto their boat, put him in their toilet cubical while the engine roared and the waves crashed around the boat.

12. The Inevitable

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When it was all over, soaked and stressed, Gina took Spud out, and as always, he was calm and cuddly. He licked her hand. The storm did not scare him, but her upcoming departure scared Gina. She was already upset about leaving Spud and was worried for him, she remained on the verge of crying the next day. She kept thinking of ways to save Spud.

11. Spreading The Word


After thinking of ways to make sure Spud gets a family, Gina finally uploaded a video of him on Facebook. She asked if anyone on her friend-list would like to adopt him. She planned to take Spud back to UK with her but she knew she would not be able to adopt him once she was back home. After 30 minutes, which felt like an eternity, she finally got a reply.

10. The Helping Hand


Tori, a friend of Gina, messaged her asking if she could bring the cute cuddly furry little bundle of fun and energy back home. Gina calculated the cost of taking Spud to UK and it came to be about £600. As you all know, that’s not a little amount. Things still did not look easy for Gina and Spud.

9. The Helping Hands


She decided to find the money to do it and decided that if she couldn’t do it, she would put Spud in a shelter and donate to the shelter. A few of her friends had suggested putting up a giving page when she had posted Spud’s video on Facebook and she went ahead with it. Although she almost felt guilty asking for money, she knew it was the only way.

She set the target to £550 and shared the page. But £550, although not £600, is still not a small amount and the thought of not being able to take Spud back still worried her.

8. Show Me The Money


Gina didn’t know if they would be able to fill up the Spud’s travel fund box like they wanted to. She hoped the giving page would give her some help. And lo and behold, within a day it raised £175.

She could hardly believe it. And her hopes kept going up as the total kept rising over the next few days. But it was still far from what she required.

7. Everyone loves Dogs


Soon, Gina and her boyfriend were able to raise enough money to take Spud to UK. They found him again (with some fake drawn on eyebrows) and shared the news with him. But they were soon going to learn that although money was a big issue to bring Spud to UK, it was not their only issue.

6. One Thing At A Time


The next day, Gina and her boyfriend decided to get his medical work done. And when they went on the quay, where they always found their pack of dogs, Spud was nowhere to be found. They finally found him playing on his own on the beach, ready to rock the UK.

5. The Journey Back Home


This is what they thought Spud would look like on the ride back to Corfu, the City from where they were scheduled to depart for London. The next day they were leaving their boats for the year and driving back hundreds of miles to reach Corfu.

Although they were all ready to go, the captain of their boat didn’t allow Spud to ride with them. They finally got Spud’s medical jabs and checks done and took him back to Orei, their base. But from there, they went to Corfu without him and promised him that they will return for him in a week.

4. The Good Samaritan


The couple spent an awful week trying to find someone to take them to Orei and then back to Corfu. The last resort was to rent a car. But Gina didn’t have a license and her boyfriends was expired. Finally, they asked one of their closest friends to drive them the 7 hours to Orei and then back to Corfu, all in a day. Their friend had to cancel going to a party he’d been looking forward to for weeks. He sighed, but knowing how much it meant to them, he agreed.

A week later, they caught a ferry to a foreign Greek town and rented a car, drove 7 hours on winding cliff top dust tracks, took two ferries there, and eventually turned up that afternoon. Spud lost his mind from happiness once he saw them and they all rejoiced. This is him finally taking a nap (and allowing others to do the same).

3. Home Sweet Home


Four nail-biting days ensued, and he eventually got to Gina’s friend’s house in Edinburgh after crossing 4 countries. Tori thought she will foster the little guy until he gets a new family. Spud enjoyed every minute with his new buddy. Obviously, Tori loved him and was sad that he would go away soon.

2. How About I Stay Here?


Soon, Tori realised that she does not want to let Spud go to someone else. She decided to adopt him and they are having one hell of a time, travelling together, playing together. Tori loves Spud, and Spud, well, what do you think?

1. Look, It’s ME.


He even sat down still, long enough for Tori to have drawn this beautiful picture of him, or so Tori would like us to believe. We are so glad to hear that these two are now living happily ever after.