If you want to maintain the structural integrity as well as the appearance of your backyard trees, make sure you follow the proper care and maintenance processes such as pruning. However, contrary to the popular belief, the task isn’t as simple as it sounds. When you’re trimming your trees, you need to consider the branches for the proper aesthetic appeal and growth of the trees.

However, many homeowners don’t understand the importance of following the proper trimming process. As a result, they end up affecting the curb appeal and overall longevity of the tree. To make sure that your precious trees receive the proper trimming, here’s an ultimate guide you need to know. Make sure you read this article to the end to know more.

Why You Should Trim the Trees?

Make sure you determine the problems regarding the structure of the tree before you choose to implement the pruning process. Some of the common signs to consider pruning are managing the growth of flowers and fruits, removing dead branches, and providing effective clearance.

Remove the Dead Branches 

To increase safety, make sure you remove the decaying or dead branches to reduce the risks of falling leaves. If you want to boost the overall appearance of the tree, make sure you contact Kelley Tree Service near Woburn so that professionals can boost the overall appearance of the tree. They will also help you identify the dead branches. Follow this link for their store location

Proper Clearance 

If you think that the branches of the tree are affecting the structural integrity or appearance of your house, consider implementing proper tree trimming methods so that you can create a proper distance between the power lines, roof, and other vulnerable aspects of your house. Make sure you always maintain a proper clearance between your house and the trees to avoid damage to your house and electrical hazards. As per City of Bryan, trees can damage the power cords.

Increased Air and Light Exposure 

When you remove the unwanted branches of your trees, you will be able to increase the airflow as well as direct sunlight. Sunlight is one of the most important factors to develop the crown shape of trees.

How Can You Prune a Tree Effectively?

This is an important thing you should know. Keep in mind that pruning is not just cutting down tree limbs. You also need to follow the methods properly to maintain optimum tree health. Here are the pruning methods you need to consider so that you don’t damage the trees:

  • Make sure you cut the branch underside
  • After that, you need to move to the top side of the branch
  • Make sure you determine the branch collar of the trunk

What Tools Do You Need for Pruning? 

To avoid causing severe damage to the tree and yourself, you need to make sure you’re using the proper pruning equipment. Make sure you determine the size of the branch to choose the perfect tool. Here are the common tools that you need during pruning:

  • Hand shears
  • Lopping shears
  • Pruning saws
  • Chainsaws
  • Pile pruners


This is the ultimate guide you should know about pruning. If you have any other questions, make sure you let us know in the comment section below.