With the vast number of business profiles on Instagram, it’s apparent that we’re living in a time when just getting a social media presence isn’t enough to get real followers on Instagram. To obtain real and free Instagram followers, you have to attract the right kind of Instagram users to help make your brand stand out.

It can feel like a tedious and time-consuming job to expand your account. But if you’re an artist, if you have a company, influencer, or a multi-client account management agency, Instagram is a perfect way to grow your reach. With 60 percent of users discovering products via Instagram, no company really can afford to disregard Instagram as a medium for marketing. You need to attract the right Instagram users who will be engaging and help you increase your brand recognition.

The following are a few tricks to get free Instagram followers and the most important is they are organic.

– Upgrade your Instagram Profile: This serves as the first impression an Instagram user will make when he visits your page. As far as Instagram is concerned, the observations are made in split-seconds. To organically grow your Instagram and attract the right type of followers, your prospective followers need to know exactly who you are, what you are doing, and why they should care. The first thing people see when they land on your page is your Instagram profile, so make sure that your profile section catches your visitors’ attention from the get-go. Do it right, and on IG, you’re going to be ahead of 95 percent of brands out there.

– Create quality content: Instagram is the visual site of now over one billion users. Every post you share on Instagram should be of high quality, complementing the image of your brand. Never compromise quality. Since new potential followers will get their first impression of your brand from the aesthetics of your Instagram, the consistency of your posts must be consistently mirrored across your entire grid.

Your brand should be at your page’s core. If you’re a company or an influencer, you’ll want to make sure any picture you post represents your page’s intent. Even a random picture may have a grid destroyed. Take your page to the next level once you pinpoint your emphasis by centralizing around a theme with at least one consistent feature that ties all your images together. You can be sure of getting free Instagram followers once you do this.

Instagram Stories: You can use this feature to create the brand identity and communicate with notifications outside your IG Grid reach in real-time. Using IG stories right now is a game-changer. Not just because it’s a perfect way to promote content on your newsfeed or website, but also because it has the most comprehensive scope. If you optimize the usage of Instagram Stories well, getting free Instagram followers would never be a problem.

– Promotion: Generally, Instagram ads see 2.5x more views than any other social media platform, and daily Instagram posts see up to 10x more interaction than Facebook posts. Instagram is offering more pay-to-play options, much like many other social media sites. If you want to display ads, as with Facebook or another social network, you want to make sure they look natural and fit in with the platform.

– Hashtags: One of Instagram’s best marketing secrets is reverse engineering hashtags from people with few followers but lots of likes on their particular images. Let’s say I’ve had a video about gardening tools, and I’d like to have more feedback. I will check for gardening tools on Instagram, go through the top 20 results, write down their count of followers, and the number of views on their video or likes. Copy and insert them into your list, and you can be sure of getting free Instagram followers through this.

– Giveaways: Instagram accounts holding contests will achieve 70 percent faster growth of followers compared to those not holding contests. Hosting an Instagram contest is a tried and tested strategy for not only rewarding your loyal fans but also gaining visibility on Instagram and attracting new and real Instagram free followers. You’re going to want to consider items like budget, picking the right reward, and, most importantly, your Instagram contest target.

– Apps: Some platforms allow you to share your likes and followers inside the scheme, although some charge you for followers and participation. GetInsta is an open, transparent platform that will enable one to get free Instagram followers. In this system, everyone gets coins by following or enjoying posts from others. Then these coins are used to receive unlimited free Instagram followers or likes.

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