14 – Cotton Candy


Oftentimes, nature is better than Photoshop.  These cotton candy skies definitely don’t look real.  Only during the best sunset could someone grab a shot like this with perfect reflections. Here’s an optical illusion I’d be down to go visit.

13 – Nose Goes


These cups are genius for every time you want to get a second glance from strangers at the park. It looks like this girl is really making the most of her prank party favors. It’s almost as adorable as our cute friend in the next pic.

12 – Puppy In Danger


It definitely looks like this cute puppy has already suffered a gruesome tale. Look a little closer and you’ll see this is just the fluffiest dog ever, and he has luckily avoided the terrible danger of a coffee table.

11 – Extra Limbs?


Trying to figure out where her other leg is coming from?  Me too.  Look a little longer and you’ll see this is just one of the most confusing ads for a ceramic vase you’ve ever seen in your life.  Maybe next time a model isn’t needed to sell your pottery.

10 – Three’s A Crowd


It surely looks like the guy in the back was butthurt he didn’t get an invite to boat day so he decided to throw himself in via Microsoft Paint.  He can blame mother nature and some great shadows for this terrible photo.  Maybe next time he’ll get to ride shotgun.

9 – Hungry Kitty


Cats are strange creatures. I’m not sure if they’re this strange, though. At first glance, it looks like this kitten has found the biggest straw ever and is taking advantage. But it’s much more likely he’s getting ready for a great nap.

8 – Hugs!


What’s going on here? Who is hugging who? I’m not sure what game they are playing or who is winning.  But if anyone can figure it out, please let me know.

7 – Imaginary Dad


Taking family portraits is never too exciting. At first, we thought this dad got out of it by having himself painted into the living room decor.  After closer examination, it seems like it was probably just an unfortunate fashion decision. That’s a picture for a great holiday card.

6 – Floating On


Mind over matter right? Maybe this photo is so shocking because everyone secretly dreams of having the superpowers possible to levitate or move things with their mind. If I were driving past this woman, I would definitely have to take a second look.

5 – Beard Body


What’s better than a guy with a great beard? While we already thought this guy was lucky for having some amazing facial hair, at second glance he’s even luckier. While that isn’t his own hair, he’s got something even better: a beautiful blonde right in front of him.

4 – Beach Babe


A baby is always cute no matter how not cute they are. However, in this case, the creepiness of this photo is not attributed to the baby. Next time, his dad or the photographer needs a better angle to avoid creating the oldest and strangest baby alive. The next guy could learn something about good angles as well.

3 – School Sweethearts


Ah, the joys of young love.  What’s better than someone coming up behind you with a loving embrace? Too bad for this guy, his unfortunate angle has him looking like he’s got some nice legs and a great set of heels to match.

2 – Crazy Park Sculpture


This statue in New Zealand was created just to mess with people’s minds. Imagine seeing this at your favorite park! On a beautiful sunny day like the one pictured above, it’s impossible to believe that this could actually be real.

1 – Florence Cathedral


Florence Cathedral may be a beautiful old cathedral.  However, more than just a place to worship, this holy building is also a total mind-bender. Try not to come to this church after a few drinks, the floor will definitely have your head spinning.