Usually, new trends in the marketing sector are quite predictable. At the beginning of this year, every marketing expert would have named the following trends for 2021: Artificial intelligence , voice search and human-like chatbots. Although chat-bots and AI are important, in this post we want to take a look at marketing trends from different perspectives and focus on under-valued trends that may change your strategy in 2021.

“Shoppable Posts”

What is the impact of the Covid pandemic on the online marketing sector and how is it influencing future trends? One of the most important trends in retail, which has been observed for several years, is the constant minimization of the obstacles between a customer and a product. This includes simplifications in payment methods , product delivery and advertising. You’ll see that shoppable posts became very trendy on Instagram and Facebook. You can start a marketing campaign on Instagram with the Shoppable posts. At the same time, “Facebook marketplace” is climbing new heights every month.

The latest progress in terms of a more user-friendly shopping experience are what are known as “ Shoppable Posts ”. These posts or videos enable users to buy products that they see on social media directly and without detours . Since Corona, the topic of e-commerce and online shopping is more topical than ever. Measures that facilitate online shopping are therefore very likely to continue to gain in importance in the future.

For some time now, more and more companies have been using so-called influencer marketing to advertise their products on social networks. However, when the big influencers start acting like an advertising agency, they lose more and more credibility and their followers increasingly turn away from them as a result. The solution? So-called micro-influencers , with their small but relevant reach, can build closer relationships with their followers and are therefore a better option for certain companies. This makes advertising more local, more targeted and closer to people .

As a result of the pandemic, many companies that would not have previously considered an online presence were forced to move online more. This sudden influx provides a great opportunity to reach a new audience and try a new marketing strategy towards influencer marketing.

Relationships as the key to success

Did you order food once during the lockdown just to support your favorite restaurant? Big brands would kill for such loyalty and therefore invest more and more in honest customer relationships. For companies to survive, it is enough if their customers want them to survive. Emotions are therefore worth gold and should be used consciously. While relationships may take time and effort to build , they will pay off in future lockdowns, pandemics, and whatever else is ahead of us.