Does your life seem hectic and unorganized? Do you spend a lot of time looking for items lost in a hopeless clutter? Maintaining a clean and tidy lifestyle has proven health benefits it causes less stress, leads to better sleep patterns, and can even boost productivity. Feeling unsure of how to begin better habits or suffering from a lack of motivation is totally normal. A great place to start is with little things that might not seem like they matter or will have any impact. However, they do matter. All those little things add up to positively affect your life and improve your general well-being.

Starting Small Adds Up to Big Changes

When you have a clean home, you have a clean mind and will find it easier to focus on the people and things you care most about. You may not think something as small as organizing your sock drawer will make a tremendous difference in your life. But, by starting small, you set a precedent that will help you begin to change the unmanageable and overwhelming aspects of your life. This makes it easier to begin more significant changes, especially once you see how awesome the smaller changes make you feel. They can provide tangible benefits to your life and circumstances. Spend at least half an hour each day cleaning for a drastic improvement in the cleanliness of your home, even after only a week.

Keeping your living space clean and completing small tasks, such as organizing your clothes, can have small ripple effects that boost your confidence and make it easier to handle the unique challenges each day brings. For instance, when you can plainly see where all your clothes are, it only takes a minute to pick out a clean outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. You won’t have to waste time digging through piles of laundry and doing the whiff test to see you can squeeze another day out of your jeans. A tidy room allows you to focus, streamlines your thoughts, and helps you set a standard for discipline in other areas of your life, too.

Health Benefits of Practicing Excellent Organizational Skills

When your life is disciplined, and you take the time to organize your belongings properly, the mind tends to follow suit. However, those skills benefit your life more than just finding the items you want quickly. There are some proven health benefits to having a clean, organized room and lifestyle. It reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, allows for higher productivity and focus, and gives you the organizational strategies necessary to continue building positive habits. It also makes it easier to begin working on more significant changes in your life.

1. Reduces Stress

When you live in a state of hectic, disorganized chaos, it’s impossible to focus on the parts of life that matter, like family and relationships. Disorganization also leads to bad financial habits. How can you pay bills when all of the necessary papers are lost in a pile of papers, and you don’t even know the correct due date? When you organize your home, it leaves you free to handle your business before it completely overwhelms you. By prioritizing the most critical tasks and working them into your schedule ahead of time, you eliminate all the “what-if” stressors that go hand-in-hand with a chaotic lifestyle. Natural supplements, like Organic CBD Nugs, can be coupled with great organisation to really combat any stress that you may be feeling and keep your head clear and focused on what matters most.

2. Better Sleep Patterns

A good night’s sleep can make or break your productivity level the following day. When you don’t get restful sleep, you wake up exhausted, you’re irritable, and your quality of work suffers. Look around your room at all the items it contains. If you haven’t touched something in over a year, you most likely don’t need it. Sort through your belongings to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that promotes restful sleep instead of looking like a giant, disorganized dumping ground with your bed doubling as a storage unit. If you need more calming influences to help you get to sleep faster, try a soothing lavender or chamomile spray on your pillow or sheets.

3. Higher Self Esteem and Confidence

Take a mental snapshot of your bedroom right at this moment. If you had an unexpected visitor right now, would you be embarrassed if they saw the state of your room? If your answer is yes, then tidy up the clutter to get a shot of self-confidence. When you have a living space that you genuinely enjoy spending time in, that pride and satisfaction will trickle into other aspects of your life, improving your psychological well-being overall.

4. Increases Free Time

A significant advantage of having a tidy home and focused mentality is that it leaves room for downtime that can be spent doing the things you love with the people you love. That extra time can be put into your favorite activities rather than cleaning the mountains of dirty dishes and laundry invading every free surface in your home. Also, spending more time doing things that make you feel good boosts your mood, making you a happier person and more enjoyable to be around.

5. Higher Productivity Levels

By removing all the items in your room that you have no use for and maintaining a clean workspace, you take control of your actions. You can overcome those negative and self-defeating habits that caused you to make a mess in the first place. With a workspace designed to limit distractions, you can enjoy higher productivity levels and concentrate on your work without the stress of unfinished tasks bouncing around the edges of your mind and causing mental exhaustion.

6. Promotes Better Physical Health

Doing regular chores like cleaning and organizing has a positive impact on your overall physical health. Lower stress means avoiding the headaches that come with feeling exhausted and mentally drained all the time. It can even lower your risk for a heart attack. A study completed by Reader’s Digest found that people who do most of the yard work, house cleaning, and chores had a nearly 30% lower risk of suffering from a first-time cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke. Staying heart healthy is excellent motivation for finally getting the yard work done, and the house chores finished.

7. Saves Money

If you’ve ever had to fork over extra money for a late fee, then you know how challenging it can be to keep the household finances in order. If you need some help in that department, trying out some new organizational skills can actually help you save money, especially in the long-term. Most people don’t have the budget to hire a financial adviser, so a great alternative is downloading an organizational app. They can help you keep track of bills, set goals for savings, and keep overdraft and late fees from getting a foothold in your wallet.

Make Small Changes for a Big Benefit

When you have better organizational skills and cleaning habits, the quality of your life will significantly improve. Having piles of clutter and constant chaos is incredibly stressful. By making small, simple changes, even seemingly insignificant tasks like spending time organizing and cleaning your sock drawer, you can increase productivity levels, reduce stress, and even save money. When you feel better about the small changes you’ve made, it helps you uphold that same standard of discipline in other areas of your life, too. An easy place to start is by tidying and organizing your bedroom and workspace. Little by little, all those positive changes and benefits start to add up. You will genuinely enjoy the higher productivity, better mood, and increased self-confidence that comes with a chaos-free lifestyle and a distraction-free workspace.