Corporate gifts play an essential role in promoting your company’s image among clients and motivating your staff to improve at work. By giving branded gifts, companies aim to improve employees’ attitudes towards the company and boost brand awareness.

Still, many employees do not feel so happy with promotional gifts. The reason might be that they are not always as useful as leaders believe and do not make the world a better place. So how do you find corporate gifts that your employees will want to keep?

What to consider when looking for the perfect swags

#1 Look for something sustainable

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions, saving natural resources, and using recycled materials. To contribute to this significant movement, make a statement about your business values and enhance your company’s image, opt for sustainable gifting. That is the best way to help your clients and employees reduce waste, embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle and love your corporate gifts.

Are you in need of ideas? We suggest you look at the extensive list of unique and sustainable swag ideas provided by SnackNation. This list is full of high-quality, durable, and useful items for everyday life. Moreover, we are sure that these swags will make a grand impression when your employees, clients, and customers receive them.

#2 Make sure you tell a story

When developing a strategy for your company’s gift, make sure you think about what these gifts represent. The idea of corporate gifting is not only about the present. You must use the gifts to tell a story that connects the recipient with your company.

To achieve that, think about what you want to accomplish and what story you want to tell? Do you want it to reflect your company’s history, culture, value, or product? And what do you want employees to feel when receiving the gift? Reflecting on these questions will help you create a concept that adds value to your employees and reflects who you are as a business.

#3 Set a Budget

Even if you do not have a set figure in mind, you should have a rough idea of your budget per gift for each employee or client. Of course, this figure might not turn out the same as you planned, but knowing your budget will allow you to source the best business gifts that you can reasonably afford.

Look for something that is high quality but still achievable. Understanding whether you can spend $15 on a gift or $75 means you can consider or eliminate options, making your selection process easier.

#4 Give options and personalize

Depending on your budget, consider offering a few gift options. That is an excellent way for your employees to get something they want. However, keep in mind to limit the possibilities. You do not want to stress people out with too much choice. And also, try to assign a clear theme to each option: food, office essentials, cocktail, outdoor, family activities, and so on.

More importantly, add a thoughtful note with a friendly sentiment in line with the strategy and story you want to communicate. Sometimes it is not about the gift itself, it is more about the time you spent carefully writing a personalized note to your employee.

Unique swag ideas to consider

Employee gifts are all about making your team members feel welcomed, supported, and valued. To achieve the WOW effect, here is our collection of thoughtful gift ideas:

  • Reusable water bottle. It is a great gift that promotes sustainability and wellness, and it is also practical.
  • Food storage container. It is portable, practical, and, if made from bamboos, sustainable.
  • Tote bag. A super cute and functional item that can be a hit with most employees. Look for a design that transmits your business message and appeals to your team. You want them to use it while out and about.
  • Desk gift set. A lovely desk set might feel a bit old-fashioned. Still, it is something that people will likely never buy for themselves, which means that they will use and appreciate it. To achieve the wow effect, consider vibrant colors and cool branding options.
  • Wellness gift basket. Employees will be overjoyed to receive a gift focused on their health. So, treat your employees with a wellness gift basket filled with self-care goodies or vouchers to use wellness services.


Corporate gifts can ease employee stress and drive productivity, help them find an emotional attachment to your company, and promote their engagement. Moreover, it can help promote a change in the work routine, remind employees about your company values and build unity in the workplace. To achieve that, use our tips on choosing the perfect swag ideas to wow your employees.