North Korean Military

The reason North Korea doesn’t want you to see photos of their military is because of how much money Kim Jung-un has spent on vamping it up. The military uses explosives and lasers that are deemed illegal in other countries and has spent copious amounts of resources on building a cyber-war unit that is actually quite impressive.

Not to mention, it’s still mandatory for everyone to enlist at the age of 18, women included.

Student Life

In North Korea, students must not only pay for their books, but also their desks, chairs, and heating during the frigid winter months. As if that isn’t hard enough, often times parents of young women must bribe school teachers to fairly educate their daughters. Not to mention, the entire time they’re in school, they have mandatory government jobs, usually in production factories.

Unpaved Roads

Due to the lack of government funding, less than 3% of their roads are paved. This makes transportation difficult while leaving the country looking as if it’s in shambles. There are 120,538 square kilometers of roads in the entire country, so 3% is not that impressive despite the show the leader likes to put on.

The Unimpressive GDP

What’s unsettling for North Korea, is that Bill Gates $78.2 billion net worth, is more than the country’s GDP–FOUR times more. Due to the hostile trade conditions, it’s no wonder the people are suffering.

Most Corrupt Country In The World

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, last year, North Korea tied for first as the most corrupt country in the world. The tiny country tied Somalia for the title and scored an 8 out of a possible 100. To give you a little more perspective on what that actually means: a score of 100 means the country is essentially run by angels, whereas a country with the score of 1 is highly corrupt.

So Much Different Than Their Neighbors

Every year, in the town of Boryeong, in South Korea, they partake in a mud festival, where anyone and everyone is allowed to cover themselves in mud and have a good time. Although this is in South Korea, this is a perfect example of how North Korea oppresses the people, not allowing them to join in celebratory festivals like this one. If something like this were to take place in North Korea, there would be serious consequences.

North Korea Is The Size Of Pennsylvania

Another point that Kim Jong-un doesn’t want you to know, is that his country is only about the size of the US state Pennsylvania. Although it might seem like the country is larger than that, I can assure you, it’s not. Not to mention, only about 20% of it can actually be utilized for crops. Yikes.

Western Citizen’s Must Have A Chaperone

If any western people want to visit the country, they must be approved first. If they do get approved, they are assigned a guide that chaperones them around the country, the entire time. Not to mention, they usually like to drive you around in a van and not let you get out for most of the tour.

Military Presence Is Everywhere

In North Korea, military presence is felt everywhere and there is a suspicious feeling of being watched. Many times, soldiers are not allowed to carry a conversation, or show any signs of emotion.

Marijuana Is Legal

Although much of the country’s politics and laws are not liberal, it seems that when it comes to marijuana, the infamous leader feels a different way. Although his people are dying, apparently it’s legal to purchase and consume marijuana, according to reporters who have visited the country.

Empty Grocery Stores

Although Kim Jung-un loves to deny his people are starving, as you can see here, many grocery stores are empty. Unable to grow enough produce on their own and dealing with harsh trade restrictions, the country is left with the bare minimum. Something no one wants to see.

Unsafe Working Conditions

Although the current economic situation is dire, the government still requires mandated jobs. On top of that, the lack of safety regulations has caused working conditions to become extremely dangerous.

Forced To Eat Grass

Although smoking a certain grass is legal and probably enjoyable for most, it’s unfathomable that the food situation is so dire that the people are left to eat grass. A man harvesting grass for his family is, unfortunately, a more common site than you’d like to think.

Watch Towers

It’s almost impossible for anyone to leave the decrepit country, as there are many watchtowers located near towns and homes to prevent anyone from leaving. If they catch people trying to flee, they’ll open fire.

No Electricity

The Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge lines the Northern boarder between China and the small Korean country, which remains lit for entering Chinese tourists. The gag is, most of the country is without electricity, so it’s just for show.