Is your partner being more snappy than usual? Or getting nervy at the smallest of instances? Is pressure from work getting the better of both of you? No relationship is stress-free, every once in a while couples need to rejuvenate and relax and start the month, the week or even the year on a fresh note. Every relationship needs to be nurtured for it to flourish, and there is nothing more invigorating than spending some quality downtime with your better half. So, today we are bringing to you some tips to plan a romantic getaway to rekindle that the spark in your relationship.

Make it random

Planning a grand trip on your anniversary or birthday is great but it is also kind of expected. Embrace the unexpected and plan a trip just because you and your relationship deserve it. Surprise your partner by planning a trip to the beach, the mountains, the forest, backwaters or the desert on any random weekend and explore a whole new world together.

Keep traveling time to minimum

Remember your aim is to spend quality time with your partner – agreed that you can do so while traveling too, but long travel hours make you fatigued and you won’t be able to enjoy your stay at the perfect place that you spent hours to reach.

Leave tech behind

Two is a company but three is a crowd, especially when that third is your tech toys. You did not come this way long to spend time on Whatsapp and Facebook. Just switch off all your gadgets until it’s time to leave and reconnect with your partner in real time.

Plan a date

Make your getaway a touch more romantic by planning a date night. Plan an idyllic date with good food, soft music, and magical ambiance. Cherish the moments with your partner under star filled sky or in your hotel room with candle lights.

Venture outside

Surprise!!! There is a whole new world outside the hotel room. You probably spent a fortune on that room and the Jacuzzi is literally holding you captive, but please do go out and experience the locale. You may not remember the sophisticated interiors of your hotel but the culture and local experiences shall stay with you forever.