15. Lovable Kitty


We all know that a beautiful face is attributed to perfectly symmetrical features. This cat proves that theory right.  As if kittens couldn’t get more adorable, this furry feline was blessed with a perfect heart around her face.  The lovable mug on this one is hard to ignore.

Her next animal friend also has a special face marking.

14. Perfect Seven


This lucky cow was born with a perfect number 7 on his head. This calf was named Ben after Big Ben. He made many rounds on the news after his unique numeric head was discovered. He seems to love the attention and looks he gets from every visitor that is amazed to see the perfect number etched on his head.

Up next is a celebrity look alike.

13. Furry Marilyn


This cat is beautiful all on her own. However, her owner couldn’t help but notice that this feline had a special birthmark. With a mole right above her lip, this furry friend strikes a shocking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.  Her amazing hair doesn’t hurt either. She’s much less goofy than the next pup.

12. Puppy Mustache


Not only was this adorable pup born with two different colored ears. Nature also gave him some other adorable features with his bushy brown eyebrows and stubbly little mustache. He’s sure to get all of the cuddles with his cute facial expressions and notable facial hair.

Have you ever seen an animal with eyebrows?

11. Kitty Eyebrows


Eyebrows aren’t only the rage on Instagram. Sam is an online celebrity for his perfect brows. A self-proclaimed cat model in NYC, Sam gets attention everywhere he goes whether it’s on the streets of New York or modeling in his own home. He’s got his eye out on competition from the next kitty.

What if you got a pet and you got two for the price of one?

10. Double Trouble


We all know one kitten isn’t nearly enough. Thankfully, this feline friend is a two for one deal. Her perfect portrait of a more mysterious cat is outlined perfectly on her back. She quickly went viral with her unique markings. She shares unique shapes with the next puppy on the list.

9. Love Butt


There’s not a corgi puppy on earth that isn’t undeniably cute. However, this little guy may have taken the cake for cutest tush of all.  Right in the middle of his butt is the most perfectly placed heart you’ve ever seen. Who could ever yell at him for chewing up all your shoes?

8. Mystery Cat


Like a dramatic masquerade ball, this cat has her face covered by a black mask draped across her face. She’s ready for any perfectly schemed heist or romantic encounter with her disguise always on hand. Her beautiful markings are much more fortunate than the next cat.

7. An Unfortunate Hairdo


While we can’t blame this kitten for his striking resemblance to the enemy of World War II, we can’t deny that he is the feline doppelganger. We’re not sure which is worse, the stiff haircut, the tiny little mustache, or his pale white skin. As unfortunate as his fur markings are, we are sure he’s still a good boy.

6. Brown Beauty

Love Hearts In Nature


It wouldn’t be a great animal list without a beautiful horse to round it out. This girl brings lots of love to her owners with the heart right in the middle of her face. Along with some beautiful eyes and great highlights, this horse is killing the game when it comes to fierce portraits.

The next animal on this list has some beauty bloggers envious.

5. Smoky Eyes


It is hard for anyone to perfect the perfect winged eyeliner. However, this mixed little Husky pup has nailed it without any effort. With his white fur and perfect black eye markings, he looks ready to attend any great party or even throw out a couple of great YouTube makeup tutorials for the rest of us.

The next cat on this list is keeping up with the trends.

4. Trendy Kitty


This friendly fellow goes by Hamilton the Hipster cat and he has a very noticeable handlebar mustache. He has a whole online following of people in love with his perfect little white facial hair. His large following loves him not only for his beautiful looks and perfect facial hair, but also his great taste and pretentious attitude.

The next animal has a mark that causes many people to believe he’s blessed.

3. A Blessed Mark


This guy brings a whole new meaning to the saying “holy cow”.  With his perfect white cross in the middle of his brown forehead, this baby calf is surely worshiped as a saint from above. He is almost as sophisticated as the next little guy on our list.

2. Tiny Gentleman


This little gentleman always looks proper with his tiny top hat rested perfectly atop his little-smushed head.  Nature definitely had a sense of humor when this all white kitten was born with a very mysterious black birthmark on his face. With his fuzzy coat, he’s sure to be a hit at any classy event.

The next picture will make you want to go vegan.

1. Pigs In Love

Image result for animals with heart markings

Image: thedailybeast.com

Last but definitely not least is this little porker. As if these tiny piglets couldn’t get any cuter, this baby boy was born with perfect little black hearts on his tush. One can only imagine how popular it makes him around the barn.