20. Spotty Faucets?


There are many cleaning hacks that can make your house look absolutely spotless without having to do much more work. If you’ve ever noticed those pesky spots on your faucets, all you have to do is find some wax paper. Rub it along the metal and violà! Spotless.

19. DIY Swiffer


The next time you find yourself cleaning up and you don’t have anything to mop with, try this hack. Use an old sock, preferably a fuzzy one, wrap it around your Swiffer, spray the floor with cleaner, and mop away. The best part about it is you can toss it in the wash to reuse it.

18. Sponge Clip


Nothing is worse than going to wash your dishes and notice the foul odor that permeates from your damp sponge. To avoid this lingering moldy smell, use a giant binder clip as a sponge holder. It lets the sponge air dry quickly, so that it doesn’t get a chance to mold. Pure genius.

17. Dish Washer Filters


Okay, this hack is truly impressive, because it can actually save you a ton of money on filters. Whether it’s your vacuum cleaner or your air purifier filter that’s filthy, either way, you can use your dishwasher to clean them. Place all filters in the dishwasher without any dishes, wash, and let air dry. In an instant, you have practically new filters.

16. Natural Toilet Cleaner


These days, cleaners are full of harsh chemicals that many people aren’t keen on using anymore, and natural alternatives can be really pricey. The best way to combat these issues is to make your own–it’s super simple! All you need is some vinegar and some baking soda, and of course, your scrub brush. You’ve never seen a cleaner toilet.

15. Spotless Stainless Steel


Nothing is more annoying than trying to keep your stainless steel spotless, because just about everything makes a mark on it. However, if you have cream of tartar and a sponge, you’re in business. Sprinkle a little on the sponge and get to scrubbing. Within minutes, you’ve got clean appliances.

14. Ketchup Cleaner


Believe it or not, ketchup actually makes a great cleaner. The acidity levels clean gunk off of stainless steel and copper appliances really easily. All you need is a squirt of ketchup and a sponge. In seconds, you’ve got brand new looking appliances.

13. Green Tea Toilet Bowls


To keep your toilet bowl as fresh as possible, use a couple of green tea bags. Place two to three in your toilet bowl for about an hour or two, removed them, scrub, and flush. Not only will your toilet bowl sparkle with cleanliness, it will also smell fresh too. Who would have thought your morning beverage doubles as a cleaner.

12. Salt Your Cast Iron


Many people don’t clean their cast iron skillets because of how much flavor retains on the surface. That being said, if you start to notice too much gunk piling up, just scrub it with some salt and a sponge. The salt will take off any big chunks without using soap to completely clean the surface.

11. Freshen Your Disposal


If you start to notice that your garbage disposal isn’t working as well as it once was, take an old toothbrush and scrub the inside–you’ll be surprised how much gunk comes out. After you’re done with the scrubbing, throw some lemons down the hatch and turn on the switch.

10. Washing Machine Clean


When your clothes come out of the washer still dirty, or covered in oil spots, it’s because it’s time to wash your washing machine. It sounds weird, but just like everything else, over time it gets dirty. Run a load without any clothes and when it fills up with water put some bleach in. If there is still gunk, take out the plastic bin (read the manual) and wipe away the trapped dirt.

9. Lintless Dryer


Although you may clear out the link from your dryer before you use it, there can still be much of it stuck behind the screen. All you need is a bottle cleaner or a vacuum with a hose to clear it out. You’ll be shocked at how much lint you’ve missed.

8. Window Grime


Opening up your windows all summer gives a nice breeze throughout the house. However, it can also create piled dirt within the window seals. Don’t worry, there is an easy fix: all you need is a cotton swab and some vinegar. Within minutes, you have spotless windows.

7. Mattress Odor


Many mattresses now come with covers that pot right off so you can throw them in the wash. But if you don’t have one of these, your mattress can start to have an unpleasant odor. The good news is, all you need is some baking soda and a vacuum to solve this problem. Sprinkle the baking soda directly on the mattress, let it sit, and then vacuum it up.

6. Carpet Stains


If you ever find yourself staring at carpet stains but don’t have a carpet washer, all you need is an iron and vinegar. Spot the stain with vinegar, put a damp cloth over it, and steam the stain out with your iron. This works on everything but synthetic dyes and paints.

5. Lone Sock


Everyone has a sock that has lost its mate, but instead of throwing it out, repurpose it. Use the sock as a duster for just about any surface. Best part, throw it in the wash when you are finished and you can use it again and again!

4. Vanilla Scent


If you’ve accidentally left your garbage in the house too long, or you simply notice a foul smell permeating throughout your house, skip the chemical filled air fresheners and use some vanilla extract. Warm it up in your oven and you’ll have a fresh and inviting home. This works great on smoke smell, too.

3. Steaming Your Tub


Before you wash your tub next time, fill it up with about an inch of hot water. Close the door and let it steam for a good 10 minutes before giving it some elbow grease. Not only will it loosen up the gunk and soap scum, but you won’t have to dilute your cleaning products either.

2. Lint Roll Lamp Shades


Lint rolling your lamp shades isn’t something many people think of when they’re tiding up, but once you notice them, there is no going back. All you need is a lint roller and about five minutes to bring your lampshades back to life.

1. Newspaper Windows


Instead of using paper towels to clean your windows, use newspaper. It may be surprising, but newspaper doesn’t leave streaks like traditional paper towels. Plus, you get to repurpose something you’ve already used once. Look at you, all environmentally conscious and what not.