The value of personal brand is clear to pretty much everyone these days. Whether you are running a Vancouver business, or you represent one, or you’re on the lookout for a corporate job, investing in your brand is an absolute must. And it involves much more than maintaining online presence, although we can’t deny the importance of that as well.

One thing that it requires is having great corporate headshots. Those that ooze professionalism and that look completely natural. No fake smiles and no awkward poses. What do you think you have to do in order to get best Vancouver headshots for yourself or your entire team, though? Let’s find out.

As you may have guessed it already, the point is in getting a good photographer to do this. If you think that your smartphone is enough because it has a killer camera, you’re wrong. Taking a good headshot requires much more than that.

For one thing, no smartphone camera can beat a professional camera. And then, there are also photography principles to follow. Principles you might not be aware of as an amateur.

That’s fine. As long as you admit to yourself that you’re not the expert and that you, instead, have to hire an expert, you’ll be fine. You may want to try and take some great photos with your phone, perhaps with the help of the tips found here, but ultimately, hiring experts is the right thing to do.

Chances are you’re already quite aware of that. You know that you lack the skills and the expertise. And, you know that the best results will be achieved through cooperation with professionals.

So, the only thing left to do now is find the right professionals for you in Vancouver. If you’ve never had to cooperate with photographers in the past, this can be quite difficult. There are a lot of fish in the sea, and finding the one that will suit you best requires some effort.

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First, Define Precisely What You Need

Before you even begin the search, you’ll want to know precisely what it is that you’re searching for. That is, you will have to think carefully about what you need. Sure, it’s a corporate headshot, but the question is how you will use it exactly.

Understand the importance of corporate headshots better:

Anyway, think about what you will use the photos for. Your website, your LinkedIn profile, marketing materials? Then, also consider whether you want those headshots to be formal, modern, or casual, and remember to take any branding guidelines and requirements into account as well.

Search the Web and Ask Around

Once you’ve figured out what you want, you’ll be ready to start the searching process. Begin by checking the Web and asking around to check if the people you know can give you some recommendations. For now, your task is simply to make a list of potential photographers in Vancouver that you may want to hire. And don’t be afraid to extend that list as much as needed, because you’ll then be narrowing it down.

Check Out Portfolios

The narrowing down process will, of course, start with checking the past work done by the pros you’re considering. Have a look at their portfolios. Most likely, they will share those on their official websites. If not, though, you can always ask to see it when you get in touch. In any case, taking a look at the portfolio will help you determine if you like the work done by particular professionals or not.

Check Reputation

Furthermore, you’ll need to check their reputation as well. Your goal here is to take a great corporate headshot, and hiring reputable and reliable photographers is your path towards achieving that. Read some reviews to see what the past clients have to say and, thus, determine reputation.

Have a Few Interviews

After you’ve narrowed your list down, start contacting the photographers that will still be left on it. Having interviews will help in several regards. For starters, you will get to discuss the pricing and ask any other questions that the Web may not have answered.

And then, you’ll also get to assess the communication and get a sense of how well you could cooperate with one professional or another. After you’ve done all the assessments, you’ll be ready to choose. And to, finally, get that perfect corporate headshot.