There is nothing great like going to an outdoor event such as a theatre and concert show as you rest on green grass and enjoy a simple meal from a vintage picnic basket. The picnic basket allows you to carry everything you can require for an outdoor meal in the sunshine, without leaving anything behind.

Fill the basket with a cutting board, plates, food, napkins, and wine, and you will experience a picnic in style. Picnic baskets come in unique patterns and designs to set the mood for your outdoor activities and events. Your beautiful picnic basket will stand out as will the delicious meal you have inside the basket. This article discusses other ways of using picnic baskets.

Use as your storage container

All the items inside the basket are safely stowed away in secure holders and straps for fragile silverware, plates, glasses, and wine bottles. Your foodstuffs can be kept fresh and cold in the big basket bottom where you can easily pack containers inside.

In this way, these items may not move around too much or make them too difficult to carry. You can stack your basket and use it as a side table for a chair. This makes a good place to set your glass of wine or water.

Picnic baskets make a great place to keep your small and delicate items. Some of the items you can store in your basket include craft supplies, garden tools, tablecloths, books, computer cables, remotes, and many more that can fit in.

The good thing is that you can keep a basket in your car trunk and take it with you while driving. You can use a picnic basket in your car to keep a towel, jumper cables, emergency water, snacks, and a tarp. Just make sure that the basket does not slide around.

Use a picnic basket as a container garden

You can utilize a picnic basket as a container to beautify your garden. Plant the flowers or herbs in the picnic basket and put them on your porch. You can always water the plants but don’t over-water them. It’s advisable to put a tray underneath in case of any leakage. Because of this, an outdoor covered porch can be a good place for these baskets.

You can also keep a woven basket by your front door as a catchall. The basket is a good place to put your library books to return or any items that need to go back to the store. In this way, you can just grab the basket and proceed on your way out the door. There is no need to run around searching for all the items you need to take with you when it’s time to go out.

Keep in mind that a picnic basket is suitable for a picnic. After all, the major use of a picnic basket is to store things for a picnic. So you can keep it with supplies so that it’s ready to grab and go for an instant picnic.