There are many online courses that teach you how to design. Unfortunately, many of the “points” mentioned are just marketing hype. While some may give you a brief overview, others will encourage you to visit their website for more details. How can you tell which are genuine and which are just a waste?

It is not possible to think that just a one-hour training class with a well-known designer will teach you everything you need in order to be a great web designer. Not to mention that people usually expect to learn design as fast as they can. And the fastest way to learn is free! This article will outline the best way to learn design every single day, for less than the price of a course by a designer.

Understand the Basics

Understanding the basic skills required to learn how to design is key. Each design discipline begins with an introduction. This can be from a book on typography or a course in graphic design. The introduction text should cover the main aspects of design and explain how they are done. The introductory text will cover the basics of colours, shapes and text.

Know Your Drawing

Graphic design courses should cover all aspects of drawing. These include colours, shapes and lines, shadows, texture, dimension management, composition, optimising images, repeating patterns, and optimizing images. Even if your goal is to become a professional graphic designer full-time, it’s important to learn how to draw. This is essential to learn how to use different techniques for designing logos, websites, and other visual communication projects.

Get It Going with Typography

Typography is the most important aspect of design. Typography is the art and science of creating text. It can be used to create text using different fonts, styles, languages, and images. There are many font types, including Latin, Greek and Arabic, Old English, and others. Before you start your course in learning design, it is important to know the basics. It is also important to be able to distinguish between languages like Arabic and English.

Learn HTML

Web designers need to learn HTML, one of the most basic internet protocols, in order to create websites. They will need to learn HTML’s coding language and how to create pages. You will probably know the majority of HTML information if you are interested in graphic design. You should still be able to use it to create web pages.

Take Time for Practice

After you have learned the basics of design, it is time to learn how to apply them in real-world projects. This can be done in a variety of ways. The first is to learn how to draw on paper. You can then learn to use Adobe Photoshop to create your designs on either your computer monitor or paper. You don’t have to learn these skills by yourself. The best way to learn design principles is to practice drawing them.

Bottom Line

Learning web design principles from outside sources can be difficult. It might be beneficial to enroll in a graphic design class. You can learn how to create real-world graphic design work by learning from the experience. These courses are available online and will teach you the skills necessary to be a successful web designer.

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