Owing to the number of web pages inside the Google’s network, an expanding accent is required on both web design and search engine optimization – SEO. It is vitally important to realize, that nowadays we have to make our websites engaging, powerful, and also simple to navigate, in order to make them more attractive and accessible for potential customers. Web project conflicts when there are so many activities to master and apply. SEO and good design are two big components after all.

Thus it is highly important to make your website noticeable for the search engines. Equally you need lots of great, engaging content to interest and retain that traffic when it comes. Finally, let’s talk about the advantages of using web design and SEO.

First thing to remember, SEO is one of the must-have options for a modern and successful website. As a result of ranking your website higher on the Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it leads a big amount of traffic on the desirable web pages.

This search traffic is essentially free, although you may see to quantify the time and effort involved in gaining it in the first place. SEO traffic can rise and fall over time in alignment with algorithms, search volume, trends and seasonal factors.

Now to draw a straightforward similarity, compare your site with a physical store. Long story short, SEO is the way that your website guests and clients will use to find your shop. And, if this way differs from all others, and from the usual process, your shop has an expanded possibility of progress.

SEO Trends of 2017

SEO Trends 2017

SEO Trends 2017

Without SEO, you can use such ways of media promotion as verbal, external ads promoting, and return clients; yet your business won’t be working to full limit. Remember SEO is in a constant state of flux in terms of what works, what did work and what is likely to work. You might want to look at this article which includes a SEO infographic to consider some of the emerging SEO trends of 2017.

With attention to the details and potential for web project conflicts, let’s take a look at things you have to consider for your SEO strategy:

Understanding Keyword Data

Firstly, a keyword choice. This is a rather important point because your potential customers use these keywords to find you on the web. Double-check that they are included in page titles, headings, and through all the ‘metadata’ content.

‘Alt tag’ – is a must-have

Secondly, ‘Alt tag’ is a parameter, you should definitely try. It is used for all pictures embedded. It helps to explain what the picture is to the web search engines.

Intuitive and Persuasive Web Design

Intuitive and responsive web design is a must for any site owner in 2017

Intuitive and responsive web design is a must for any site owner in 2017

On the other hand, the web design is the key to fixing your business’ online presence. While it’s incredible to get customers to your store, you still require an approach to make them buy your products. In other words, your website’s design is like your physical store’s façade. You will require different attention grabbers, special offers and proper navigation, in order to drag the clients to your shop.

In this case, you need to try your best to sell some of your products and moreover, try to make your customers return for the other items from your store. Here is a moment to speak about the web design in detail. The main principles that you should consider:

Spend Time on Web Site Responsiveness

First thing to remember about any website’s design in 2017, is responsiveness. By all means, it seems that your website is mobile-ready and will have the same look from any device. It is a well-known fact that Google is more likely to rank the responsive websites higher, due to the user-friendly interface. Nowadays, is the smartphone era, so in order not to lose your potential clients, give your website a responsive design.

See Why Responsive Design is So Critical

These responsive design videos look at developing web pages with mobile users in mind, along with explaining some of the issues and workarounds.

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Apply Effective Calls to Action ( CTA’s )

Clear “call to action” messages, deliberately placed inside your site, can affect the customer’s behavior. In order to make your clients buy something, leave their contact info, subscribe to your newsletter or share some content from your website, use the CTA buttons.

Implement a Modern Look and Feel

A drawing in look, in accordance with your business marking targets, is what you need to make your website one-of-a-kind. It is necessary to make a good impression on the website visitors. Actually, it is rather simple to save on creating a powerful and stylish website.

To demonstrate that you don’t need to hire a professional web designer and pay him $5000 – $10000 for your website design, as an example, we will take a TemplateMonster company. Long story short, they provide you with the tons of ready-made SEO-friendly designs, in order to help you create a blooming website.

Another key point, the average price of a website theme is about $80. Moreover, you can find a theme for any business niche and, save on the additional extensions and plugins. If you don’t believe – check out the collection of business WordPress themes.

Smooth Navigation and Audience Flow

Important to realize, that a truly well-designed website always gives its visitors a pleasant user experience, due to the smart navigation system. All the necessary content blocks are in the visible area, there is a back-to-top button, header and footer sections contain the clear info and give a viewer the quick access to the other pages of the website. In general, don’t confuse your potential customers by the randomly placed content.

Fast Loading Posts and Pages

As an illustration of the importance of fast loading, guys from Kissmetrics created an infographic. We all are living in the era of the technical progress and it is obvious, that with a number of different entertaining devices we became more demanding.

Truly, we want everything to be simple and we do get annoyed if the web page loads slowly. With this in mind, if your website loads more than 3-5 seconds, you are about to lose a big part of your potential clients.

Web Project Conflicts Between Design and SEO

SEO conflict

So what activity gains the lions share of your time, money and energy? SEO or web design and content?

Frequently, the web design and Search Engine Optimization have a web project conflicts issue that can be tricky to climb over. While web design stands for the minimalism, in order not to overload visitor’s attention, the good SEO conception requires an often usage of the keywords, all over the website.

Overall, What Should You Focus On – Web Design or SEO?

Generally speaking, our definitive answer to site owners dealing with web project conflicts in 2017 is: both. Spend time on both components as they are equally critical to long term success.

Again, we are getting back to our physically store comparison. In order to make all things clear, let’s imagine: you have a super-cute team of professionals, the perfect interior design and your prices are the most appealing on the market. As a result, does it makes any sense if your clients can’t find you?

On the contrary, if your store is extra easy to find, will it cause higher conversions, while the shop has an out-of-date, unattractive look?

All things considered, when creating a website, choose a combination of the responsive, appealing layout and powerful SEO-friendly solutions. Owing to such companies as TemplateMonster, you have a huge pack of ready-to-go website themes to choose from. Moreover, with a help of the Service Center, you can get your template customized within 24 hours.

Key Focuses to Note Are:

web project conflicts

Be sure to focus on key areas and not be distracted or disengaged

Firstly, it is highly important to start SEO when you starting your project. Certainly, consider your objective market and potential customers. Use this data to create your keyword strategy. There are some extraordinary tools accessible to you for your base research, for example, Google AdWords Keyword tool.

Secondly, you need to have an appealing and clear design. Correspondingly, your website visitors will see what services your business provides. Create the portfolio of your works and services, represent your team members in front of your audience and gain your customer’s trust.

Final Thought : Web Project Conflicts

Accordingly to all the facts that we discovered today about the web project conflicts of SEO and web design, and to the advantages of the each of them, we can answer the main question of this article. To summarize, it is important to focus on both SEO and appealing layout of the website, in order to have a better experience.

As a result of mastering both of them, you will have a blooming online project. Definitely, we wish you success in creating your own website. And of course, it’s up to you, whether use our recommendations, or not. Feel free to write a comment below if you agree or disagree with our conclusion. And have a great day! 🙂