I first got into Internet marketing back in 1999, which is positively prehistoric by Internet or any other standards. Like a lot of young guys back then I arbitraged banner ads and raided AltaVista for free traffic. In the intervening years revenues have have been really good and not so good.

I had a six figure business that went from hero to zero just a few short years ago in 2014. That’s life naturally and we just roll with the punches and ride the high income waves when they come.

So going through another sluggish phase recently, things just weren’t working as well. Traffic was up and looking good but overall revenue was down. Not down enough to be a real problem but still I hate watching things slide too far in the wrong direction. Plus I was spending more and more time trying new traffic and revenue growth techniques. These traffic sources were burning my time and burning my wallet which always grinds me down.

Turning a Corner : The Expert Secrets Book

Then bored one early evening not so long ago and with time to kill, I bought a copy of Russell Brunson’s dot com secrets book and within barely 48-72 hours, without changing any traffic source, the revenue exploded like wildfire. It didn’t just return to where it was, it kept on going up and up. I was pretty pleased about that to say the least.

Russell just released a new book (free through this week) called ‘Expert Secrets’. This book is on a whole other level.

Trust me…  get your own copy of Expert Secrets now while it is free to read.

The beauty of the Expert Secrets book is that once you learn exactly what you need to do; then you can go and apply the knowledge more or less instantly. I was unprepared for just how much our revenues would climb from this point on.

For relatively little time, money or investment you can do the same. Get your free copy right here.