This weird looking cat will blow you away with its unbelievable cuteness. Born with a unique genetic condition, this cat’s condition has made her absolutely gorgeous.

20. Two-Faced

Image: Bored Panda

While being two-faced typically has negative connotations, in the case of this cat it’s an amazing feature! Meet Quimera, a stunning cat that lives in Argentina.

19. Exotic Cat

Image: Bored Panda

Quimera is an incredibly exotic cat that has two different colored eyes and a face full of fur that is also two different colors. So how is this possible? Well, Quimera happens to have something called genetic chimera.

18. Genetic Chimera

Image: Bored Panda

Genetic chimera is a rare condition that occurs when an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. These two different eggs then fuse together to create a single organism.

17. Different DNA

Image: Bored Panda

The craziest part about this condition is that the individual’s DNA comes from two different sources. People has reported that, “According to geneticists, a true chimera is quite the anomaly.”

16. Rare Occurence

Image: Reddit

Columbia University Professor of Genetics and Development Virginia Papaioannou explained to New Republic stating that, “A chimera … is a composite individual that was made up of cells from at least two different original embryos.”

15. Fusing

Image: Bored Panda

If [the cells] fuse together early enough, they will become a single organism whose genetic input is from two completely different individuals.” Basically, Quimera’s exterior is quite the unique occurrence.

14. No Different

Image: Bored Panda

Despite her unique exterior, Quimera is no different from the typical cat. She loves to play, cuddle, and nap just like a regular cat would!

13. Social Media

Image: Bored Panda

Due to her highly unique appearance, Quimera’s owner decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to her. There he posts daily updates on Quimera and her activities. She already has quite the following.


Image: Instagram/gataquimera

Quimera’s Instagram account @gataquimera already has 82.7k followers! Everyone looks forward to seeing updates from this gorgeous cat and her rambunctious ways.

11. Adorable

Image: Daily Mail

Quimera is so unique looking and adorable that it’s no wonder that she has such a serious following. Your heart will melt at some of the cutest photos of her just being her typical self.

10. Cuddly

Image: Bored Panda

For instance, Quimera is quite the cuddly cat. Here she is cuddling up to her daddy and making sure that he knows just how much she loves him!

9. Window Watching

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

Another one of her favorite pastimes is to watch people and birds from the window. Mostly birds though, she’s figuring out how to capture them once she finally figures out how to sneak out of the house.

8. Getting Comfortable

Image: Bored Panda

Just like other kitties, Quimera finds the most uncomfortable place in the house and settles in. At least the clothes that are drying will be covered with some nice cat fur – so thoughtful.

7. Box Fun

Image: Bored Panda

Here she is finding her way into a box and having fun with it. Playing pretend is always a great way to spend the day.

6. Hiding Away

Image: Bored Panda

She’s a cuddly one and her favorite place to hide is in her daddy’s sweater. Look how sweet she looks here!

5. Hiding Away Pt. 2

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

Sometimes Quimera finds another hiding place to go to when her dad’s sweater isn’t available. Her current favorite is underneath the computer table.

4. Bike Ride

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

“Did someone say bike ride?” Seems like Quimera is ready to head out and show the world her beautiful face.

3. Coffee Break

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

“Dad, you look like you could use a cup of coffee. Here let me fix you up one real quick.”

2. Cleaning Up

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

Sometimes Quimera takes it upon herself to clean up. Seems like she’s gotten in over her head in this one particular case.

1. Vacation Time

Image: Instagram/gataquimera

“Hey Dad! I’m all packed up for our vacation. When do we hit the road?” Quimera’s unique face is not only beautiful but it is also a truly wonderful way to see how biology can play out in the most fascinating ways.