One of the worst feelings ever is getting fired from your job. However, some people just have it coming.

Normally your boss can overlook one minor mistake, but some of the mistakes on this list are so massive that they are unforgivable. Here are some of the absolute worst workplace fails ever that were luckily captured on camera.

Closed Doors

Stuck Forever

That sign is completely confusing, and it’s probably best to not go through those doors- otherwise you may get stuck. The employee who applied these signs either have a different sense of humor, or they just didn’t realize they made this mistake.

Ultimate Cycling

Extreme Cycling

This photo gives a whole new meaning to ultimate cycling. Whoever put up those polls must have something against cyclists for some reason- especially because this placement can actually lead to many injuries.

Wrong Continent

Wrong Continent

We’re pretty sure the person who made this shirt is someone who skipped all of their geography classes. We would have given them a free pass if they had mistaken a country for a different one, but there are only seven continents.

School Knives

Sinister Display

We don’t really understand why this person thought it was a good idea to place kitchen knives next to a “back to school” sign. That is one thing a child shouldn’t need for school, or be near- for that matter.

Super Batman Book Bag

Super Batman

This is obviously not batman, and everyone who doesn’t live under a rock would know that. At least they didn’t put a Marvel character on this bag. Hopefully this store has flexible return policy.

Silly Lion

Confused Lion

This lion has seen better days. At least it’s a kids toy, as most kids wouldn’t realize that this was a mistake.

Taco No Bell

Taco Hell

There are many ways to make a taco and many ways to eat a taco; however, this is not the way to make a taco. It also would make it harder to enjoy the taco, when all of the stuffing is on the outside.

Blending In

Fitting In

This stripe painter took things to a completely whole new level while painting this road, and thought the truck needed a new paint job. We are pretty sure the person who did this was fired.

The Sinking Phone

Sinking Phone

This is probably the worst marketing campaign out there, especially the demonstration. However, if the phone sinks that easily, then it’s considered just a regular old phone.

Upside Down Fanta

Upside Down

When working in a factory line, you can easily be overwhelmed by boredom. So, who wouldn’t want to have a little fun.

By your Side

Side by Side

It’s a large task to hang up a billboard, especially one this big. It takes a lot of people to hold up this huge sign- which means it took several people to achieve this mistake.

Double Roll

Ready to Roll

Normally, the toilet paper label will say “double roll”, so you usually expect two lengths in one; however, this employee added a whole new meaning to that phrase. The person who took this package home didn’t get what they were expecting, unless they wanted two toilet paper rolls combined with two cardboard rolls inside.

Wrong Direction

Wrong Turn

You may feel like your sense of direction is off, but this photo may make you feel better that you’re not the only one. You’re probably at least capable of telling the difference between left and right. Unless you are the person who was in charge of printing the instructions on this remote control.

Flipped Cone

Cone Artist

This cone artist unfortunately had an experiment gone wrong. They took away the crunchy cone satisfaction from the customer, and the sweet chocolate covered ice cream away from the poor buyer. We just hope the buyer didn’t try to eat the cone on a sunny hot day; otherwise the chocolate on the cone would create an absolute mess.


SOTP Right There

Not everyone is a spelling bee champ, and this worker unfortunately showed that. The employee could’ve easily copied the word “stop” from the stop sign right next to where they painted; however, they took on the challenge of spelling it them self. We give them props for at least trying.


Parkour Training

The architect who designed these stairs managed to cut off access to half of the stairs, and we are pretty sure most people aren’t too keen on the idea of limboing under the pole.


Bugs Life

Most people, who know their bugs, know that this bug is obviously not a tarantula. However, this is a prank product and a bug is a bug, and the person you are pranking will probably be scared regardless.

It’s a Boy

Gender Bender

This mistake is one we’ll just let slide, since it’s just here to remind us gender is a construct. We wish this one wasn’t really a mistake, since it could be used to send a very powerful message, that boys can love the color pink and they can like playing with dolls too.

Exit Barrier

Great Divide

Exit barriers are usually useless, especially in this case. We believe the designers more than likely, had a limited budget and decided to save some money by making it much shorter than it should be.

Switched Up


It’s easy to tell the difference between mustard and mayonnaise. The labels even have the correct colors on them. This mistake isn’t world ending; however, some people are allergic to mustard or mayo, and hopefully this employee will remember that next time.

Just a Waste of Space

Waste of Space

The carpenter who came up with this idea must not have ever heard of the expression “waste of space.” This space really only works if you’re looking for a hiding place for your things.

Double Trouble

Secret Twins

Teresa Kennedy and Ben Kisila were either secretly twins, or the person who made the yearbook made a huge mistake. Hopefully, the yearbook committee prints out Teresa’s picture twice next year.

Where’s the Handle

Hold Right There

There are some things that are hard to hold onto, and a coffee cup without a handle is one of them. Almost all coffee cups have handles. Handles are important, because they protect your hands from the burning hot cup.

The Job is Well Done

Good Job

Who doesn’t love a good fortune cookie? They are tasty and you get a fortune. It’s also exciting to break the cookie and read the tiny piece of paper inside. The company who made this cookie placed the paper on the outside of the cookie, which just kind of kills that excitement. Hopefully the person who received this cookie got another cookie for free.

Backwards Hair Cut

Backwards Mustache

We are hoping this person asked for this haircut, and that the barber didn’t just do this on their own. Most people would flip out and maybe even cry. But something tells us that this was a prank.

Warm Winter?

Sunny Winter

This sign is extremely ironic. Winter usually means cold weather, and summer means warm weather. It’s funny to advertise flip flops for winter weather. Although, this may be a way to encourage their buyers to go somewhere warm during the winter.

Easy Mistake

Honest Mistake

There are some manufacturing mistakes that are easy to forgive, since it’s usually possible to spot them immediately and avoid the mess they would make otherwise. This carton of soup is a prime example.

The buyer was able to realize that something was immediately off, and opened it where it should be opened. Luckily, the buyer was able to notice the mistake before it became a mess.

3st Place

The Worst Place

Even if you don’t win a competition, it’s still nice to win second or third place- but what is 3st? At least this isn’t the only medal this person has won, and hopefully in the future the other metals will have the correct spelling on it.

That’s Corny

Corny Mistake

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to eat a lot of vegetables. Both corn and onions are a part of that; however, this whole shipment is technically useless. People expecting to buy onions would get corn instead.

Hair Dryer Spot

Beauty Spot

Well, we don’t think this should be considered a handicap spot anymore. This spot looks more like a hair dryer spot. The only logical explanation is that this spot is in front of a beauty shop. Or the person just messed up the logo.


Surprise Party

Usually, a surprise party doesn’t always go as planned. Unfortunately, this surprise party was ruined before it even started. Hopefully, the mom wasn’t home when the packaged arrived, or else, the employee who put this package together ruined the party.

Rainy Day

Rain Check

The delivery man took being lazy to a whole new level with this one. If no one was home, they could have easily taken the box up to the porch. The packages wouldn’t have gotten wet, and also the packages wouldn’t have been out in the open for someone to easily take them.

No Keys

Double Trouble

Talk about irony. Instead of the AAA guy saving the day, they just made things worse for this driver. Hopefully, the next AAA guy doesn’t lock their keys in their vehicle.


Missing Letter

If this was any other building, we would let it slide; however, this was a College of Architecture and Planning building. Most people would write off a college when they can’t even spell their own name correctly.

Long Yellow Things

What Are Those?

There are a lot of different kinds of fruits and vegetables to label in a supermarket. However, a banana is one of the most well-known fruits out there. It’s not really that hard to identify a banana.

Cat or Dog

Identity Crisis

The personality of a cat is almost completely opposite from a dog. Most people usually choose a side, either they only like dogs or they only like cats. Some animal lovers may find this frame funny, but most might not be as open-minded as others.

Flood in the Area

Rain Over Me

The only drain on this street is useless, since it’s located exactly where it shouldn’t be. It’s probably for the best if people just avoid this street.

Was Jesus Here?

Jesus Was Here

Someone either made a mistake and put the “water” sign above the wine, or Jesus was in this aisle and turned water into wine. We aren’t positive which one it was, but we will just say it was the second option.

Toilet Seat Mix-up

Reverse Toilet Seat

There are technically two people who are at fault for this mix-up. The toilet seat manufacturing company, and the person who bought it. The person who bought it must have noticed something wasn’t right, but yet they installed it anyway.

The Halfway Solved Puzzle

Sawed In Half

This mural is only half way correct, due to employee error. Putting together this piece is almost like doing a puzzle, but an easy one- because there aren’t that many pieces to it.

Do Not Stack

Stack Attack

These workers did the complete opposite of what the boxes say, in bold letters. They literally had one job, but apparently they weren’t paying attention to the writing on the boxes. Hopefully, no packages were damaged in the making of this photo.

A Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

We may be wrong, but we are pretty sure that’s not how you put on a shirt. We aren’t really sure how this even happened.

No Water Left

Nice Pool

A Reddit user shared this photo, saying their dad tried to fill up the pool, but everyone else agreed with the fact that it looks like he wanted to flood the world instead. We aren’t really sure how the dad managed to flood everything but the pool. He could’ve turned on the hose and forgot about it, or it rained and they had a cover over the pool. You decide.

Pika Who is that?

Pika Who?

We almost can’t be mad at this one. It’s so bad that it’s actually funny. The person who made this action figure probably made a huge mistake, but we find it amusing.

Color Outside the Lines

Chasing Pavements

This photo actually went viral, when someone who was frustrated at this photo shared it. This photo is known for triggering others’ OCD. We don’t understand how someone can mistake a red tile for a black one, but apparently it can happen.

Extra Paper Towels

Paper Towel Power

We don’t really understand why this worker felt the need to put five paper towel dispensers in one bathroom, but maybe they just really want customers to have clean hands- Or maybe the employee just really disliked restocking the dispensers. Either way, five paper towel dispensers is a little extreme.

There Are No Words

Missing Headline

If you’ve ever been a journalist then you may actually be able to relate to this one. It’s extremely important to come up with a great headline. This author just couldn’t think of a great headline so they improvised. The editors should have fixed the headline, but maybe they couldn’t think of anything better either.

Wrong Direction

Wrong Left

There are some people who have a bad sense of direction, and this is a perfect example of that. This sign is enough to confuse anyone, especially newbies who just started driving. Hopefully this is the only painting the employee messed up on.

Road Block

See You Later, Escalator

This poor guy rode the escalator just to run into a wall. Whoever put the escalator right in front of this wall wasn’t thinking very practically. Hopefully, the other people on the escalator learned from the guy in front of them to try to shimmy around the wall, instead of running into it.

Bunny or Santa?

Easter Santa

This chocolate bar has two holiday seasons covered in one bar. At least you can regift this chocolate bar for Easter, if no one eats it for Christmas.