An increasing number of women are adopting period panties as their main period products, using them to replace tampons and sanitary pads. Eco-friendly and inexpensive all at once, period underwear helps you have the most comfortable period while offering flawless protection. How, why, and when should you rely on period panties? Here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell!

How Do Period Panties Work?

Period panties are designed to keep you dry for 4 to 12 hours. Intended to hold several tampons’ worth of liquid, Réjeanne period underwear, for instance, promises up to 12 hours of comfort. Period pants are available in various levels of absorbency (light, medium, and heavy flow) providing every user with the right level of protection.

What sets period panties aside from regular underwear are three different layers of fabric, each fulfilling a very specific role:

  • The first layer is designed to drain the liquid towards the centre: Made from millimetre-thick fabric, this layer provides ultimate comfort while directing the menstrual flow towards the absorbent layer.
  • The second layer absorbs the blood: This inner strip of fabric is intended to absorb and hold fluids, whether the flow is light or heavy, steady or sudden.
  • The third layer ensures the underwear is entirely leakproof: The final layer is comprised of a waterproof membrane which keeps you dry no matter what. This superfine fabric holds the menstrual fluids without compromising comfort and breathability.

Period panties can be worn all day-long, without any risk of leaks or odours. They don’t need to be paired with other feminine hygiene products, although you can use them in conjunction with another sanitary product if you choose to. Perfect if you’re worried your menstrual cup may leak, for instance.

How to Pick the Right Period Panties?

To pick the right period underwear, you should opt for healthy, chemical-free materials. Réjeanne period panties are free from silver nanoparticles and Oeko-Tex certified (Standard 100), which ensures they contain no toxic chemicals. Réjeanne underwear also uses GOTS certified organic cotton. These standards are also a guarantee that your period underwear will stand the test of time. A growing number of brands offer budget options but do not put as much care into how their garments are manufactured. This results in them using fabrics that could potentially be harmful or, at the very least, in their period underwear getting damaged or becoming ineffective after a couple of washes.

Ideally, you should favour products made in France. Réjeanne underwear is “made in France”, which allows them to offer high-quality, ethically-made products. By purchasing period panties which are made close to where you live, you are also acting to preserve the environment. Réjeanne underwear is crafted within three workshops located in Brittany and in the south of France, thus keeping transport-related carbon emissions down to a minimum.

How to Wash Period Panties?

Washing period underwear is very simple. Depending on its absorbency, you may wear it for up to 12 hours. Once you take it off, rinse it under cold running water for a few seconds. Then, slip it into a mesh laundry bag and machine wash on a gentle programme. Avoid tumble-drying as it can damage the delicate fabric and is not an eco-friendly practice. Just hang dry instead.

What Are the Benefits of Using Period Underwear?

Choosing to wear period panties is a cost-effective and earth-friendly decision. Within their lifetime, every woman produces between 130 and 150 kg worth of waste on average in the form of disposable feminine hygiene products. Opting for period underwear is a choice that helps the planet, although the environment is not the only one to benefit from it. Period-wear will also be of great relief for your wallet. As it happens, purchases associated with disposable sanitary products (tampons and pads) come up to an average of €5 per month and add up to €300 every 5 years. Reusable menstrual products allow you to save money in the long run without ever compromising comfort or effectiveness.

Although using tampons or a menstrual cup may cause a certain level of discomfort, or even rashes in the most extreme cases, period panties are no different from regular underwear and require no unpleasant or awkward handling. Réjeanne offers high-quality period underwear. The brand’s products are all made in France and are size-inclusive, ranging from a size 34 to a size 50. Each model comes in several colours, so you can combine comfort and absorbency with style.