We love our animal characters in famous Disney movies like The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book. These characters whether good or evil have played a major part in growing up and many of us have wondered what would our favourite characters look like as humans? Pugletto is an artist from Wisconsin has taken this concept by re-imagining these Disney animals as humans.

She has done her best with preserving the characters ethnic backgrounds as she told Cosmopolitan she got…

got really frustrated about the amount of Simbas with white skin and flowing red hair. The way I see it, is The Lion King is a story that takes place in Africa… [so] I reimagined the characters as humans the way they would look if they were from Africa.



Did you have a favourite Disney character growing up?

More info: Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Deviantart (h/t: cosmopolitan)


Lady And The Tramp



Nala, Zazu And Simba

The Hyenas

The Jungle Book

Shere Khan

Elsa As A Dog