Creating wall decorations is one thing, but creating expensive looking wall decorations is another skill entirely! If you want you’re blank walls to have some class about this and look eye catching and fancy you should check out these expensive looking DIY wall decoration ideas!

Jam packed with some wonderful tutorials on how to create anything from Gold Scalloped Wood wall art, enlarging your small space with a DIY Mirrored Wall or even put up some faux bricks to make an awesome vintage/distressed style wall!

These DIY wall ideas will help you decorate your boring walls with something original and fun!

1. Turn any fabric into wallpaper by attaching it with a solution of fabric starch or cornstarch and water.

Get the look of wallpaper with none of the damage. Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Place fabric panels inside of picture frame molding for easy and removable art.

Megan Pflug, Special Projects Editor for One Kings Lane / Via

Get the tutorial at One Kings Lane.

3. A gold paint pen and plywood shapes make for an easy (and schmancy) scalloped wall.

Learn more here.

4. Stamp your favorite fruit shape in your kitchen or walk-in pantry.

Find a printable version of these orange shapes at The Paper Mama.

5. Use a projector to trace your favorite design or illustration on an accent wall.

Use paint pens to fill in the design. Get the full tutorial here.

6. Use contact paper to make geometric cutouts on the cheap.

Find out how here.

7. Use ruined books or old newspaper to cover your walls in words.

And attach with regular wallpaper paste. Check it out here.

8. Brighten up your work or reading nook in your favorite wrapping paper.

This is especially great for rented spaces and dorm rooms. Find the how-to here.

9. DIY a mirrored wall using square plates.

Wayyy better than just mirror propped against the wall. Get all the details here.

10. Get your wanderlust on in a room papered in maps.

This was done using heavy-duty wrapping paper, but you can try vintage maps too. Get the full how-to on The Inspired Room.

11. These hexagons are the perfectly buzzy shape to add color to a room.

Learn more here. If the wooden outlines are too advanced for your crafting skills, just use a hexagon cutout to trace or stamp the shapes on your wall.

12. Grasscloth is amazing (and amazingly expensive). Recreate the look with layers of paint textured using a regular broom.

Tutorial via Addicted 2 Decorating.

13. Or hang burlap on the walls fir a grasscloth look for less.

Bonus: use upholstery tacks on the edge for a more finished look. Get the stepshere.

14. Doodling on the walls is A-OK if you use a gold paint pen.

This ’60s-esque print was drawn freehand and without measuring. Of course, you can measure if you want. Get all the details here.

15. Brighten up a dark accent wall with stenciled shapes.

One big step up from chalkboard paint. Find the tutorial here.

16. No exposed brick? Fake it with faux brick panels and some chalk paint.

Get all the steps here.

17. Transform your walls with batten boards and a fresh coat of paint.

What a difference. Find out how to recreate the look here.

18. Skip the pain-staking painter’s tape and put up striped wall decals.

Buy them for $12 and up at Walls Need Love.

19. With no borders or background colors, this wall decal looks like it’s painted right on the wall.

This one sells for $70 at Moon Wall Stickers.

20. If you have cardboard lying around, you too can recreate this mod stenciled wall look.

Get the instructions here.

21. Have a wallpaper in mind that’s beyond your budget? DIY a stencil to get a similar look on the cheap.

Get the instructions here.

22. All it takes is ribbon and tacks to get this diamond wall pattern in your favorite colors.

Via Design Megillah /

Via Design Megillah /

Get all the info at Remodelaholic.

23. Cut circles out of wide washi tape for the easiest possible confetti wall.

Find out how here.

24. Trompe l’oeil stone walls are just a paint pen stroke away.

Get all the details here.

25. Use paint and a regular hair comb to get these herringbone textured walls.

Check out all the steps here.

26. Paper your walls with aluminum foil to get the look of metallic walls.

Learn how to do it here.

27. Strips of contact paper to create an easy (and removable) chevron design.

Get the tutorial here.

28. Use foil tape to create metallic details without having to whip out a paintbrush.

Get the how-to here.

29. This washi tape feature wall took only 20 minutes to complete(!!).

Check out how to do it here.

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