You must have heard about Search Engine Optimization, it has been here for years and is continually growing as a market. However, the Internet industry is constantly evolving and has just introduced GIF Engine Optimization. GIFs have been on the rise for years now, you can use them in any significant communication app, and some of them started to go viral from time to time. There are different ways in which you can use GIFs to upgrade your content and create more traffic to your site. There are a lot of quality sites that offer tools like Pro Rank Tracker to track your SEO activity, but you might want to invest some time and money to start optimizing your GEO as well. Maybe a GEO rank platform could be a perfect business idea for you? Anyway, let’s find out what the fuss is about and dive into the world of GIF Engine Optimization.

Almost as big as Google?

You might ask yourself, what is the size of the GIF market. The answer to this question is huge! Did you know that GIPHY, one of the two most popular GIF platforms in the world, is the second largest search engine just after Google? GIPHY registers over 10 billion GIF searches a day across social media and messaging apps. The second best GIF platform is Tenor, which was bought by Google already back in 2018 because GIFs are such a powerful tool in media. Think about billions of clicks every day and how much money this amount of traffic can earn. This is precisely the importance and value that the GIF market has these days.

What are GIFs?

First, a short introduction to GIFs for those who haven’t played with this way of expression yet.

GIF stands for graphic interchange format and is a result of the evolution of emojis. It is an animated image or images with a unique feature that can’t be found in other picture formats.

Gifs are often misunderstood as a short video, but they act more like flipbooks rather than short movies. They don’t have a sound attached to them. The GIF format was actually first introduced in 1987 and predated the World Wide Web, but wasn’t massively popular up until the 2010s.

GIFs got so popular because they are useful for communicating jokes, ideas, and emotions. They provide a way of expression that is unachievable with text and emojis. It seems like the most effective way to express feelings is a GIF.

How are they used?

All GIFs search engines have their own website and an app designed for mobile devices. Their platform enables people to look for GIF content and add new one. Each engine has special software that makes it available for GIFs to get integrated with almost every other app. This way, you can send GIFs from your social media accounts or through a communication application. Most GIFs shared on the web come from either Tenor of GIPHY.

GEO basics

GIF search engines, just like Google, operate on algorithms that decide which GIFs will rank highest in the search results. Just like with SEO, you can create and optimize GIF content in order to rank for keywords that are crucial for your brand. GEO is the process of optimizing and creating content so that it ranks highly in organic search results on a GIF search engine.

By ranking high in the GIF search engine, you can expect an increase in the likelihood of your page or other content being seen and shared across social media and communication apps. GEO consists of three elements:

  • Keyword research.
  • Content plan and creating appropriate content.
  • Implementation.

When a user searches for a certain keyword, GIPHY or other GIF search engine shows the user a feed of GIFs to choose from based on what it calculates to be the most relevant content.

GIFs work best for promoting a brand. Success here is measured by cost per thousand impressions (CPMs). Right now, GEO is still developing, so if you start GIF engine optimization, you can get in front of your competition in no time. GIFs are an excellent way to market your brand, and it would be a shame for you to underestimate it.

GEO is the new way of optimization of your content. Please consider using it to your advantage, far too many people underestimate the marketing power of a viral GIF. The GIF market is continually growing, and some companies earn their profits, creating animated images. The market itself is only going to get bigger, so make sure you are ahead of the race of the top-ranking GIF creators. GIFs are not going anywhere, so make sure you adapt your online activities to this ongoing trend. Combining SEO and GEO seems like the online marketing strategy of the future.