It is inevitable: after some point, your home will begin to show its age. Whether it’s a relatively new home or one that has been remodelled in the past, time ages all. Not only will various aspects of the home begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced, but more superficial aspects in the design will begin to look dated.

Many people – particularly those who want to maximise their home’s value for the future – like to occasionally revamp their home through a series of DIY design projects. There are hundreds of unique design projects any home owner can perform, but some are very costly, and others do not provide a great return on investment.

With that being said, what simple changes can be made to the home that deliver the best relative return on investment? We’re going to look at a few today to give you some guidance on where to begin.


  • Adding Curtains to Your Windows


The allure of a window inside the home can make – or break – the entire room. In most situations, a bare window doesn’t do much for the appeal of a room, yet so many home-owners fail to invest properly in their curtains.

In terms of increasing kerb appeal and improving the feel of any room, curtains are by far one of the best DIY projects in terms of adding value. You need to consider a provider that will show you plenty of unique styles and options to consider, depending on your budget, window, and personal preferences. Also ensure that your Curtains provider can capture the essence of the room.

An example can be found at who can transform your room for as little as £20, you can dramatically transform the look of any window and give the room a sense of privacy, appeal and colour at the same time.


  • Slap on Some New Paint


One of the biggest impacts of the look and feel of any home is the condition of the interior walls. Many rooms may be a default shade of white, which leads to a variety of stains showing up easily after years of life within them. Other colours may make the home look dated; various shades have since long gone out of style.

Fortunately, a DIY paint job in one or more rooms can be easily handled by most people. While it can be a bit time-consuming, the actual task is relatively straightforward and the price for most premium paint is relatively manageable. You won’t need to spend an excessive amount to transform one or more rooms of the home in most situations.


  • Install New Moulding


The age of a home can be easily discerned by looking at the moulding in rooms and around various entry points. While certain types of moulding are timeless and indeed never lose appeal, many home owners find themselves facing ugly, outdated moulding whenever they leave or enter a room.

If you want to maximise home value and improve the ambiance of a room, then replacing that dated moulding is an excellent DIY project. You’ll recoup more than its fair cost in materials, and the project itself is relatively easy even for DIY novices. If you buy the materials from the right place, they’ll even cut the moulding into the right-sized pieces, leaving you with the ability to immediately begin removing the old moulding and nailing up the new.


  • Add Some Ceiling Fans


Various fixtures can add immense value to any home (relative to their initial cost), so it only makes sense that ceiling fans would be included in this list. Ceiling fans have multiple benefits that extend outside of just adding monetary value to your home.

For starters, they help circulate air and keep rooms cooler during the summer months. At the same time, they usually double as a lighting source, helping to provide additional usage in a room all year long. Most ceiling fans require minimal installation labour – especially if they’re being installed in place of a traditional lighting fixture that has been removed.


  • Invest in the Bathroom


Last but not least, the bathroom in a home can be a make-or-break element whenever seeking to sell your home. It is also one of the most easily dated rooms in the home due to the number of fixtures and design elements often present. Whether it be old floors, antique sinks or tiny windows, these elements show a home’s age.

You can mitigate some of this ageing without extensive DIY work by using a combination of design changes to improve the look and feel. Whether it be bathroom rugs, framed art on the walls or a fresh coat of paint, even some superficial changes in the bathroom can add both appeal and value to the home.

You don’t have to start ripping out walls and building new rooms to maximise the value of your home. Some simple alterations that you can do yourself will add plenty of value compared to their cost, making them very alluring for home owners. However, this list isn’t exhaustive: there are many other DIY tasks you can do around the home to help improve its look, feel, and resale potential in the future!