The growth of your Instagram account, its engagements and reach, can reflect its success — either you use it as a platform for business, publicity, or growing your brand. Aside from creating relevant and updated content, another thing that you should look into to drive-in engagements is through increasing the number of your followers. The more people following your content, the more credible and relevant you’ll get. It may seem shallow but that’s how social media works — it’s a number game.

The reality is, attracting followers is probably one of the hardest aspects in managing an Instagram account. Fortunately, due to the constant developments in programming, there is now a way to increase your following almost in an instant, and that is by buying Instagram followers. But, if you want to get in this, you should know how it truly works.

Most of these ‘buy followers’ schemes are relying on bots. Bots are programmed to automatically conduct repetitive tasks in just a short period. They do your job for you. However, bots are dangerous for your account and here are the reasons why:

Bots use random inactive Instagram accounts.

When increasing your followers, bots use inactive accounts and they could get random. The thing is, buying followers is already frowned upon, however, if you want to get away with it, you want the most realistic way possible. Most of the time, these fake Instagram accounts do not have any relevance to the kind of brand or content you are promoting, which makes it more obvious that you bought them.

Followers from bots are less likely to engage with your posts.

As we said, these random followers are already inactive accounts which means that they will never comment or like your posts — unless you pay again for the bots to do those for you. To start your growth as well as build your relevance, you want your engagements to increase as your followers are increasing. The trick here is to be as consistent as possible in every aspect, which also includes your content and its quality.

Some bots can pose a threat to others’ safety.

Although most bots are safe, some are carrying a virus that is programmed to steal personal information, as well as harm your device. This isn’t only dangerous for you, but also to other users who are within your Instagram reach.

The use of bots is against Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Bots are a violation of Instagram’s Term of Use. Their movements can be easily detected and once your account was discovered to have utilized them, you can get shadowbanned.

They are simply not worth the price.

Given all the reasons stated above, if you will think about it, buying bots is not worth it. Imagine paying for them hoping that they will help with your growth, but instead, they just caused multiple backlashes that could hurt your brand. The truth is, if you want to pay for followers, there is a better way.

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