One of the major trends we saw come out of 2020 was an increase in work from home, and this trend has made its impact on the world of interior design. While being able to work and attend meetings in your PJs without having to worry about your daily commute sounds like a dream, it also comes with a fair few set of challenges. If you live in a smaller space, finding the right bedroom decor ideas to sort through and separate your living and work areas is crucial to your wellbeing.

From finding mattress dimensions that work in your space, to ensuring you’ve separated your lighting, there’s plenty you can do to achieve that work-life balance you’re after. Working out of your bedroom can actually be a really great opportunity to completely reset your space, and customize it so that it speaks to your personality a lot more than it might do right now. If you’re looking for bedroom decor ideas that are going to function great as you work from home, here are some of our top tips.

Assigning Yourself A Work Space

Finding a space in your apartment or bedroom to assign and devote to work is important. Our brains are drawn to routine and respond well to patterns, so if you’re finding yourself feeling particularly stuck or unable to be productive, it might just be that your brain hasn’t identified your ‘productive zone’ yet.

This is the same reason most people advise you don’t work out of your bed. Doing this is not only going to impact your productivity, but it’s also going to mean you have more trouble sleeping when you try to get through the night.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your brain can distinguish between your ‘rest space’ and your ‘workspace’ is by using lighting. When you’re in your bedroom for the sole intention of unwinding from the day or resting up, it’s advisable to use soft, warmer lighting when that isn’t overly disruptive to your sleep.

When you’re working, on the other hand, you want something bright that keeps your focus – also known as ‘task lighting’. Make sure to use task lighting in your workspace so that your brain is able to distinguish between work modes and rest modes distinctly.

Choosing The Right Mattress Sizes For Balance

If you don’t have a lot of space where you stay, chances are your bedroom is also your study. Finding out how to ensure you’ve found the right mattress size for balance is an important part of being able to figure out how to strike a balance.

Choosing mattress sizes that work in your bedroom is all about understanding proportion and space. Finding mattress sizes that can work in conjunction with your bedroom is important. A wide range of mattress sizes can work for your space, depending on your priorities.

Here’s a quick run through the different mattress sizes and the size-range of the rooms they’d be appropriate in.

Twin mattress sizes are suitable for rooms that are 7 by 10 feet long, whereas Twin XL mattress sizes require a little more space, at least 10 by 10 feet. Full and queen mattress sizes also need a minimum of 10 feet by 10 feet for them to work in your space.

Making sure you have the best mattress for your sleep position is equally important. Making sure to do plenty of research before choosing a mattress that’s best suited to your needs – the right bed is going to make sleep easier and more efficient, increasing your own wellbeing in the process.

Sorting Through Clutter Efficiently

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom and workspaces organized is by making sure you’re staying on top of clutter. Figuring out how to organize clutter and picking out bedroom decor that especially caters to making organization easier is important when you’re trying to build an efficient workspace.

There’s plenty of ways to pick out elements of bedroom decor that cater specifically to a lack of clutter. One such example might be to ensure your nightstand isn’t just a standalone side-desk, but comes with drawers and additional storage space to keep your clutter from piling up by the foot of your bed.

Investing in pieces that are specially made to organize clutter is equally important in your workspace. Try not to leave loose sheets and documents lying around your bed, as it’ll only make it harder to separate work from rest. Instead, think about a filing system that’s going to work for you, and invest in a paper tray so that you’re not leaving loose clutter around as you work.

Adding Art That Speaks To You

Just like any space in your home, using bedroom decor to personalize and customize your space can really transform it. If you’re finding yourself pressed for inspiration, adding a little art or custom bedroom decor to the mix can make your space feel cozier and more inviting overall.

Resetting your bedroom so that it’s work-from-home friendly also gives you the extra opportunity to give your decor the refresh you’ve been wanting. If you have bedroom decor ideas that are based on a certain decor theme or bedroom furniture, now is your chance to rearrange things and experiment with different pieces.

More than ever before, it’s become important to try and make sure your bedroom is a place that you can rely on to be safe, secure, a reflection of the things that make you feel calm and happy.

Whether this means using boho bedroom decor to bring some warmth into your space, or simply switching up the lighting in your room so your brain knows when it’s work mode and when it’s in rest mode, the extent to which you customize your space is entirely up to you.

Finding bedroom decor ideas that feel right in your space might take a little time, but with enough thought and planning, balancing your work-home life is going to come a whole lot easier.