Free spins are a major bonus feature of slot machines, gaining popularity among gamblers today. The first slot machine with a free spins feature was built in 1895 by Charles Fey. Over the years, slot machines have advanced dramatically and have become the main attraction of people who frequent casinos. In the early 90s, when online casinos were introduced, slot games with various possible bonus features like no deposit bonus Australia were the first to be added to their portfolio. Free spins were also becoming a more and more popular option. The top new casino 2021 offering this feature was Cadoola, which gave 250 free spins on top of an $800 welcome bonus to new customers. Other casinos known to be big on providing gamblers with free spins are:

  • Crown casino
  • Evospin Casino
  • Golden Casino
  • Woo Casino
  • Megaslot Casino

According to research done by Zlomke and Dixon in 2006, gamblers tend to play more in casinos that have free spins games as opposed to those without. However, as bettors continue to use free spins, it is important to note that they come with certain requirements depending on casinos. For instance, free spins winnings in Las Vegas slots are subject to a 7X playthrough requirement before the money is cashed out. This editorial will discuss why gamblers are excited about getting free spins. So, are you interested in finding out why punters get thrilled whenever they earn free spins? Stay with me.

Increased Chances of Winning Big

The main reason behind every person’s decision to engage in gambling is the promise of raking in huge profits in the long haul. With free spins, gamblers have a chance to beat the casino, as they are mostly part of a welcome package, which, when utilized well, can earn gamblers money even before they make their initial cash deposit. The majority of slot games come with various jackpots, such as progressive and non-progressive. To win huge jackpots, the gamblers can choose sports betting or utilize the casino’s free spin offers to get that financial break. In 2018, a player hit a jackpot of $22.4 million on Mega Moolah after utilizing 50 free spins.

Knowledge is a key for any gambler to increase their chances of winning using free spins. Bettors should have an in-depth knowledge of the working procedures of the slots they wish to use free spins on and their features. For instance, gamblers are encouraged to play games with a high RTP. Other factors to consider in order to win big using free spins include:

  • Consider the volatility of the games;
  • Play at reputable casinos;
  • Quit whenever you make a profit;
  • Avoid branded slots.

Saving Gamblers’ Money

The most apparent gain of free spins is that they enable bettors to save their money. Most free spins bonuses do not require any cash commitments from gamblers, meaning players can play slots games without spending a single cent from their pockets. In 2008, Livingstone reported that gamblers find the “freeness” of the free spins’ bonus appealing as they get to play real money games at the expense of the casinos. As mentioned earlier, maximizing profits is the primary reason for gambling, and what better way to do so than utilizing free spins and winning cash without spending.

Saving and accumulating money from casinos is every gambler’s dream, which explains why they get so excited when offered free spins. Most importantly, saving money using free spins is a straightforward process. Since the free spins bonus is mostly a welcome bonus, a punter needs to visit a casino website and complete the registration procedure. Who wouldn’t want to make money from a two-minute internet session? That’s what makes free spins the best.

Enabling Practice for Novices

With a complete sign-up process, most casinos offer the free spins bonus ranging from 10 to 200 free spins. Some kick it a notch higher by offering over 500 free spins in addition to real money welcome bonuses. For newbie players with a keen interest in slots, free spins are of great help. Beginners with no clue how to play slots are advised to use free spins to fully understand how the games work. If you are not sure how to win, a free spin or two will always help. With this, players can start wagering using their money.

Additionally, most free spins bonuses can be re-triggered; this means that new players can re-trigger the free spins for as long as they wish. This goes a long way in helping beginners understand and master slots games. Newbies are turned into pros with enough free spins, as they get a taste of what to expect in real money games. Testing the waters for free, as in the free spins bonus feature, excites new gamblers who yearn for the casino experience.

Providing Amusement and Fun to Gamblers

Although the major factor that drives gamers into casinos is making money, sometimes it is not always the case. Often, gamblers go to the casino for stress relief after a hard day’s work. There is no better way to relieve one’s stress than enjoying their favorite slot game without any charges, which is what free spins provide gamblers. There has been an upsurge of virtual reality casinos that offer users free spins in recent years. Playing in these VR casinos provides gamblers with the ultimate entertainment and fun, as gamblers get the best of the virtual world while relaxing at any place of their choosing. Playing slots is a favorite pastime that some people enjoy as much as getting gaming gifts, whether losing or winning. So as to ensure such people continue enjoying their hobbies without incurring substantial losses, free spins are always welcome.

They Are Readily Available

Compared to other bonus features offered by casinos, free spins are the most widely available. All casinos, land-based or online, have the free spins bonus on every slot game in their portfolio. Any casino worth their salt knows that gamblers prefer the free spins, and all top casinos globally are huge on offering them to their users. The major reason why gamblers are excited by free spins is the knowledge that they can get them from almost any casino they choose to use. The availability of free spins has increased the popularity of slot games among punters, as they are now deemed more profitable compared to other games.

Final Thoughts

Free spins are among the most popular offers by casinos worldwide. Due to their “free” nature, they have gained notoriety among gamblers, as they enable punters to make money from nothing. In this article, we have looked at various uses of free spins apart from making money, such as popular recreational uses among bettors. Although free spins look glamourous and exciting to gamblers, it may not always be the case. It is important to find out what kind of free spins your preferred casino offers and their terms and conditions to enjoy them fully. Some of the best free spins to look out for are:

  • No deposit free spins
  • Deposit free spins
  • Bonus free spins
  • Wager-free free spins
  • Real money free spins