You may be in love with your gray and white kitchen theme ever since you incorporated it into your interior design. It can feel as fresh and bright as always, even after several years of use. With a significant amount of time going into cooking amidst this setup, you must be happy to make the right choice. However, there can be a regret that you still carry in your heart secretly – the option of a kitchen faucet.

You thought you could give your gray kitchen its perfect partner in the form of gold hardware. For that, you decided to go with a white apron-front sink as it is prevalent in many homes. But when you saw it covered with scratches in neighborhood homes and came to know of its susceptibility to chipping, you must have dropped it from your list. It could be because you didn’t want too much of a delicate thing in your busy space. So, you got a stainless-steel sink and matching stainless steel appliances. But this choice somewhere made you let go of your desire to add a touch of gold in your place. You gave a chance to a chrome finish instead.

You could be okay with it, but it is not what you wanted because your first choice was a gold kitchen faucet – something that is not too brassy, but exquisite. If this is the case, you don’t need to wait for it anymore. Include the golden fixture in your kitchen sink setup. It can sound a tad crazy; however, you must know that a golden faucet can go with a stainless-steel sink too. The combination can work magic if you have marble-like quartz countertops.

Hence, if you had in mind that gold faucets cannot mix and match with everything, then revamp your thought process once. The scenario, as mentioned earlier, was just a hint about the various possibilities that you can imagine with this option. A gold tap can change the whole atmosphere in the kitchen, making it transition from an ordinary to extraordinary look instantly.

However, now the question is what you can do to make this particular choice more special. Are you aware of filter taps? The filter taps in gold can mark the union of functionality, healthy drinking habits, and a knack for superior taste. While the brushed or champagne gold color takes care of the aesthetics, the drinking water dispenser faucet fulfills other needs like a pro. If you didn’t know why this can be ideal (gold-toned filter faucet) for your kitchen, don’t worry. Here is a quick rundown on the several benefits it can offer you.

The benefits of installing golden-colored filter faucet

Stands as a healthy and tasty option

While the tap in its gold avatar does justice to the beautiful surroundings you created either alone or with your interior designer, its ability to be compatible with a host of under-the-counter or under sink filtering systems allows you to enjoy clean water. Since you get easy access to hygienic drinking water throughout the day, you and your family can avoid multiple water-borne infections caused by contaminated or unfiltered water. Some people say that this water tastes good too. However, it deserves to reiterate that this faucet is not a filter. You can install this with an under-the-counter filtering machine to get the benefit of clean drinking water.

Delivers more even in a limited space

Under-sink drinking water filtering systems have become widely famous for their ability to remain hidden from the view and yet supply the healthy water for drinking in the kitchen non-stop. Now imagine, how does it feel when you run your golden faucet to fill your glass? Gold itself stands for purity, and when you get the flow of pure water from it, the whole scene feels so surreal. If you are someone who enjoys hosting house parties, then it is quite likely that some guests will enter your kitchen too. The moment they catch the sight of the faucet and turn it on to have drinking water, they can feel mesmerized at the sheer beauty.

Easy maintenance

Brushed gold or champagne gold faucets look sumptuous in their tone. They are neither too shiny nor matte finish. So, wherever you place one of them in your kitchen, you are sure to adore it as an addition. However, you may worry about its cleaning and maintenance. Since it is a vibrant and bold color, you will not want it to lose its great appeal. Any single scratch or mark on its surface can reduce its overall impact. But you can take a sigh of relief in this case. To keep it in its best shape, you don’t have to buy any unique cleaning solution. Only plain water and gentle soap can achieve the desired goal.

So, what are you thinking of now? Many people wish they could have a golden tap in their kitchen. Still, they hesitate to opt for one. If you don’t want to compromise with your choice, you can invest in one. Since it is a filter tap, it will sit beside the main faucet of the kitchen sink. You can imagine it to be a high curved tap that can be easy to use for filling water in the bottles.

The specific design indicates thoughtfulness because you cannot stand bottles in the sink and fill them without any support. However, the massive advantage of such a concept is that it doesn’t allow water to fall outside, which can look messy and be risky too. Even if it overflows the bottle, there is no risk of spillage. It will happen inside the sink. There are many options in the online stores. You don’t need to think twice before buying one for your kitchen sink. Just make sure that the store is reputable, and so the brand is. The quality of any product depends a lot on its manufacturing. And any well-known company will not take risks with its name by offering sub-standard choices.