Planet Earth is Green. From the dawn of time, humans have co-existed with trees and plants. It, therefore, follows that we are naturally at our most comfortable in nature. Unfortunately, over the last century, most humans have moved into large cities and work in offices. There is often a distinct lack of plants. In this article, we will explore some of the reason’s plants should be incorporated into the workplace.

Clean air

Without the world forests and plants, humans would not survive. Human’s need oxygen to give them energy. When we breathe in oxygen, we breathe out carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is, however, not good for us. In fact, if you were in an airtight room, you would quickly suffocate. Luckily through the process of photosynthesis trees and plants help remove carbon dioxide from the air. When you sit in a stuffy office all day with lots of other people, carbon dioxide levels will also increase. Hopefully not to the point of suffocation, but enough to make you occasionally feel lethargic. Plants, just as they do in the wild, are perfect for helping bring down the CO2 levels and making you feel refreshed.

Reducing noise

Large plants, in particular, are great at absorbing sound. A few large pot plants spread around the office, particularly between different sections will do wonders for reducing the amount of background noise.

Stress reduction

Human’s feel at home with nature. Attractive plants will help remind employees of the world outside and help them relax. An online pharmacy called Click Pharmacy say “Small personal plants can bring additional joy as employees nurture and care for it, watching it grow over the months and years.”

Increased humidity

Tropical plants are great for increasing the humidity of a room. A process called transpiration allows water to evaporate from the leaves, which increases the humidity of the room. In winter this leads to a warmer room, and in summer, a cooler room. Increased humidity also helps reduce sneezing as dust particles sink to the floor in the more humid air. Just remember to feed your plant with lots of water!

Improved productivity

Many studies have shown that plants can help improve productivity in your office. With employees in the right frame of mind, and suffering less illness, it only makes sense they will produce more work. Sickness rates have also been shown to be reduced when plants are placed in the office environment.

Nice to look at

A beautiful floral arrangement brightens up any room. Many offices tend to be grey and dull. So a splash of colour makes the room much more attractive both to workers and visitors alike.

Final thoughts

Plants represent one of the best investments an office manager can spend their budget on. Apart from looking nice, the health benefits afforded by plants are worth every penny. Staff will benefit from reduced CO2 levels, increased humidity, and a quieter environment to concentrate in. Just remember to look after your plants and feed them lots of water.