About 55% of  Americans spend at least 2 hours of their day in the garage tinkering around or doing their hobbies, according to the Impulse Research Survey. In fact, many families transform their  garage into a haunted place come Halloween or an extra space for seasonal storage. There are plenty of ways to turn your garage into a valuable space worth making. Since the garage is considered as an extra room in the house, many homeowners are looking for fresh ideas on how to revamp their garage and turn it into a useful room for the entire family.

Create An Epic Game Room 

For homeowners who want to have an entertainment room in their home, converting the garage into a game hub is a brilliant idea. Setting up gaming consoles and TVs with a few bean bags on the floor can set the tone for some relaxing game time with family and friends. You can also go for a retro theme by  setting up air hockey tables with ping pong on the side for an all-out match. The sky’s the limit when it comes to transforming the garage into a game zone for everyone to enjoy.

Build An Eco-Friendly Greenhouse

Another creative and useful idea is to  turn your garage into a greenhouse. This is perfect for homeowners who want to improve their green thumb by having a space to do their gardening, regardless of the weather outside. You can add a glass panel on the roof to allow natural light to filter in. Determine the south side of your garage, as that will be the wall you must remove or reconstruct to match your greenhouse needs from the sun.

Establish A Personal Gym 

Who wouldn’t want to create a private gym in the comfort of their own home? Having a home gym doesn’t have to look like your favorite fitness center. It just needs to be stocked with the gear you need. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to look for second-hand equipment and basic gear to help you get started. Make sure to install a high-quality rubber mat flooring to protect the original flooring from getting damaged when weights fall on it.
Transforming your home garage into more than ‘where you park your car’ comes with endless possibilities. Whether you are planning on setting up a game room or a greenhouse to grow fresh herbs and plants, there are plenty of ideas that can be done to make the garage a useful part of the house.