What would you do if you were taking a stroll on the beach and saw two men perched over a shark? That’s what one woman witnessed as she took a stroll along the beach; two men opening the jaws of a shark. She was shocked when she realized why.

20. Australia

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Warnbro is a southern outer suburb of Perth – the capital city of Western Australia. This city sits along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. This gives the suburb beautiful beaches.

19. A Local

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One woman by the name of Dorothy Symonds is a local resident of Perth. One of her favorite activities is taking long walks along the beach. Despite many of the sharks that reside in the waters, Symonds regularly dives into the ocean there!

18. Evening Walk

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One evening, Symonds and her husband Andy decided to take a romantic stroll along the beach with their dog. “We went down for some fish and chips. [And we] took the dog down there for a walk and to throw the ball, because it is the local dog beach,” Dorothy told news site WAToday.

17. Fishermen

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As they continued on their walk, Symonds quickly caught sight of some fishermen. Symonds continued to watch when she noticed that one of them had caught something enormous! “We thought he probably had a stingray,” Symonds admitted.

16. Big Catch

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However, Symonds made a wrong guess as the fishermen had actually managed to catch a huge shark! Soon, the shark attracted the attention of a lot of beachgoers. While others preferred to watch from a distance, Symonds decided to step in for a closer look.

15. Filming

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Symonds then decided to take out a camera and film what was going on. The footage, which eventually ended up on Facebook, showed the men trying to free the shark from their line. However, this did prove to be difficult.

14. Realization

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Symonds realized the men weren’t trying to hurt the shark but were, in fact, trying to save its life. Soon the situation got pretty scary as one of the men held the shark between his legs. They were finally able to cut the line loose.

13. Helping

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The big shark was finally free from the line he had gotten himself stuck in. However, he was also in desperate need of water. The men quickly began to splash it with water to keep it alive!

12. Never Before

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The situation caught Symonds completely off-guard. “I’ve never seen a shark in real life before,” she revealed to the PerthNow news site. However, little did she know that this wouldn’t be the last time she’d see a shark again.

11. Days Later

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A few days later, Symonds was walking along the beach when she spotted a familiar situation. There on the beach was another shark that some fishermen had once again accidentally reeled in. She walked over to see if the situation would pan out positively once again.

10. Bigger Shark

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However, this shark that was captured happened to be eight-feet long making it much larger than the first shark. Another issue was that the shark had been caught in a more devastating way than the other one.

9. The Mouth

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The fishing line had gotten lodged inside of the mouth of this shark. This meant that the men would have to open the shark’s jaw to retrieve it. That was going to be a difficult mission to accomplish without losing a finger.

8. On The Scene

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Once again, Symonds was on the scene ready to film the heroic actions of these fishermen. While one man was seen holding the shark’s mouth open, the other poked around in the inside of it with a metal pole. Then something awful happened.

7. Large Wave

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Just as soon as it looked like they were making some progress, a large wave came by and knocked the shark away from them. However, this didn’t discourage the men at all. They were determined to help the poor shark!

6. Maneuvering

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The fishermen were once again able to grab onto the shark and pry its mouth open. Through some skilled maneuvering, they were able to pull out the hook. However, that still wasn’t the end of things.

5. Into The Water

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The next step was to ensure that the shark would make it back into the water. However, the shark obviously couldn’t get back in on its own. So the men quickly gathered around and grabbed the shark by its tail.

4. Carrying In

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The men grabbed the shark by the tail and began to bring it into the water. Once the fishermen were waist deep in the water they let go of the sharks tail and allowed it to swim off back into the ocean.

3. To Freedom

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As soon as the shark was in deep enough water, it gladly swam off into freedom. Everyone cheered as the shark swam away. It was a successful mission for all involved.

2. Viral Video

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Once again, Symond’s footage went viral once it was posted online. Everyone was shocked by the footage of the shark rescue. Publications all around reposted the video footage with a description of what happened.

1. Courageous Men

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Thanks to the courageous acts of the fishermen, both of these poor sharks were given a second chance at life. It’s no wonder the footage instantly went viral!