The world is full of wonderful people. But unfortunately true evil does exist. Often, a person who is disturbed enough to be homicidal starts by being cruel to animals. That was what happened to a dog named Samson who had been tied to the railroad tracks near Grants Pass, Oregon. Fortunately, a heroic man was there to save the dog’s life

13. Deer on the Tracks?

Image: Spokesman-Review

Jared Twedell is from Grants Pass Oregon. He was driving to his local recycling center one day when he started to move toward the gate. “There are railroad tracks near the gate, and out of the corner of my eye, I caught this flicker of movement,” Twedell told The Dodo. “I thought it was a deer lying on the tracks.”

12. Whistle

Image: The Dodo

It was strange to see something that appeared laying on the tracks, so Twedell decided to whistle. He thought it might scare the animal away, causing it to jump off the tracks. The railroad tracks are live, so it would be easy for an animal to get hurt.

11. The Deer Was a Dog!

Image: Animal Channel

But the animal didn’t move. Twedell saw its ears move up. He then realized it wasn’t a deer at all: it was a sandy brown dog. Then, he saw something even worse. Something was clearly wrong.

10. Tied Up

Image: The Dodo

The dog was tied to the railroad tracks! That meant he was unable to get up. The helpless animal was in line to get hit by a train thanks to the horrible actions of someone. “I went into panic mode,” Twedell said. “He tried to walk toward the car and the rope pulled him back.”

9. Trains

Image: Facebook

The train went across the tracks three times daily. However, Twedell wasn’t sure when the next one was scheduled. He didn’t know how much time he had to save the dog before a train came barreling through. But he had to do something.

8. Little Buddy

Image: Animal Channel

Twedell jumped out of his car, ran toward the dog and checked on the rope. “He was obviously scared,” Twedell said. “I was worried about whether or not he would let me get close to him. I patted my leg and said, ‘Hey little buddy!’ His tail just started wagging. That’s when I knew he would be OK with me approaching him.”

7. Exhausted Dog

Image: YouTube

The dog was obviously exhausted. It seemed like he had been left there a while. What’s worse, is that Twedell could tell by the way he was tied that this was no accident. Someone had intentionally tied the dog to the tracks and left it there to die.

6. Evil

Image: Siskoyou

This was a highly disturbing thought to Twedell. “The rope was tied in a figure eight like you would use to tie a boat to a dock,” Twedell said. “Someone did this 100 percent on purpose. It just made me sick.”

5. Home

Image: The Dodo

Twedell quickly untied the dog and helped him into his truck. Then he decided the dog was meant to be part of his family. He tentatively named him Train and brought him home. But Twedell’s family thought the name Samson was the right one for this strong dog.

4. Flemish Giant Rabbit

Image: Wide Open Pets

Samson met the rest of the family after he got a bath. There are two dogs, several cats and a Flemish giant rabbit in the Twedell home. And surprisingly, they all get along like the best of friends!

3. Dog BFF


Image: YouTube

“The dogs have all been getting along great,” Twedell said. “All they’ve been doing since I brought Samson home is play.” The lovable dog is playful and gentle. Exactly the type of dog who makes a good family pet.

2. Still a Puppy

Image: Animal Channel

Samson is just a puppy. At around six months old, it’s clear he is going to be a big dog. He was very skinny when Twedell picked him up, and he might not have survived the awful heat on the day he was tied to the tracks. But that’s all behind him now.

1. A Great Dog

Image: J Twedell

For Samson, it took a hero, some TLC and a little divine intervention to save his life. “He’s a really great dog,” Twedell said. “This little guy had someone watching over him.