In this feature article you will learn how to work with headline formulas to increase traffic to your blogs. You will have observed many times over how the very best headline writers always seem to discover that perfect shareable headline. It’s like they have some secret formula for writing perfect headlines.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; they simply do have such a formula. Namely a set of key secrets that they use to drive oodles of high quality, super targeted traffic to their niche blogs and marketing web sites. Headlines to articles and blog posts are the tune that set the tone for the rest of what you’re about to write. The headline is king of the hill.

headline formulas that sell

How Pro Marketers Use Secret Headline Formulas To Drive Masses of Traffic to Their Blogs and Funnels

Learn Headline Formulas that Sell

Much like a catchy tune, a truly awesome article headline is far more likely to stick in someone’s mind; grab and hold their full attention. Therefore, the ability to compose sticky and clicky headlines that attract reader attention and inspire audiences to take the time to actually read what you have to say is one of the most important things any blogger and copywriter could ever learn.

These headline authoring strategies that you will learn over the longer term are valuable digital marketing skills. They simply increase the reach of every blog post that you write that adheres to principles of good headline building. Effective headlines that are well thought out magnify the traffic, reach, revenue and the reputation of any serious blog.

A Headline is the Foundation Stone of a Great Post or Funnel

If that’s not enough to convince you, then let’s take a few minutes to consider some reasons why building an amazing headline is the true foundation stone of any blog post.

We’ve been learning how to write captivating headlines ever since public print media took off some centuries ago. As it turns out, people respond to some headline structures more than others. That’s why you can see common structures and elements underneath the popular headlines of today.

When you strip these to their core, you’re left with fill in the blank templates you can use to create your own super shareable, sticky headlines that direct super qualified leads too your content. There is more good news also.

Conduct Split Testing For Awesome Headlines

Namely once you understand how to craft effective, sticky and captivating headlines, there are some really good software tools and headline builders that allow you to split test the very best article titles that you can think of. Not only that, these skills are suitable for using in training, meaning that you can teach your trusted writers and VA’s the secrets of writing truly effective headlines.

This means that you can publish more killer blog posts on exciting topics with effective headlines at greater scale just like the pro marketers and publishing houses. So it works like this, using your ingenuity ( and we know you have plenty of that right! ) we use our formulas to construct say four or five headline examples. We then run a test using any one of our headline optimizers and let the data confirm the winner. Basically its a meeting between creativity and mathmatics and it is a perfect match.

How Pro Marketers Use Secret Headline Formulas To Drive Masses of Traffic

In this feature post on crafting effective headlines you will find a great selection of headline templates that you can apply to your own articles, click funnels and blog posts. Awesomely great digital headlines are also known collectively as swipes.

You can use them in emails and if you do then you boost open rates, there are lots of amazing and innovative ways. A truly great headline is the difference between a boring title that nobody opens and a scorching hot headline that explodes with traffic and fresh leads, one that is ripe for viral sharing.

Write Headlines That Click - effective headlines

But it’s just a little headline, surely it doesn’t matter that much?

Most people can write a reasonable headline and writing a boring, dull headline is even easier, no effort required. You can also get lucky, headlines with no thought behind them can inexplicably take off and drive a tonne of traffic. However I bet you can’t replicate the good fortune!

Also what happens is that over time your training and intuition takes over. Like a sport you get good at writing sticky engaging headlines, then your data testing tools can run the final mile and show you the best of the best. You can apply good headline building principles to email marketing and paid ads also; such as native ads for instance. You are not limited to the organic reach of your blog.

Understanding How to Use Headline Formulas

In this section, the key elements of headline creation are broken down into unique parts that you need to grasp and understand fully in order to make some headway.

The Article Subject ( The topic or base title )

It’s useful to specify what the headline is actually concerning so as to make it easier for the reader to get interested in the content or to move on and read something else instead.

What is the Highly Desirable Outcome?

What does your article promise to the reader? This is important as it is what your reader wants to know. You need to be explicitly precise about what they’re trading their valuable time and precious energy for. They will either be satisfied or not by the content that your headline promises to them. Do not promise red tennis shoes, only to give them blue.

The Unpleasant Outcome

How many times do we search on Google or Yahoo! for the answers to common problems. For example software questions or medical worries. Hence If your headline promises information on how to avoid an unpleasant outcome, your reader has one more reason to click it. Simple logic right, headlines that solve problems will always drive clicks and engagements.

The Obstacle Headline

As with the unpleasant outcome, if your headline addresses an obstacle common to your readers, they’ll be eager to find out more. The reason is obvious; they want to remove the obstacle.

The Authority Style Headline

Who said that to you and why do you trust what they say over the next person? What famous (or infamous) people can you name relating to your article topic? In your reader’s eye, they will bring authority and credibility to your headline. In short the readers of your blog will believe what you say in your headline and in the wider article text.

Common types of headline

Common Types of Headline Formulas to Consider

What comes next are a series of article and content types with headlines that give the article a flavor from the very outset.

The How­ To Style of Article Headline Formulas

  • How to [Desirable Outcome](Even With a [Obstacle])
  • How to [Desirable Outcome](Without a [Obstacle])
  • How to [Desirable Outcome](While You do a [Desirable Outcome])

Our attention span is directed to content articles that tell us how to do something in a practical and useful way. For example ‘How to setup a Facebook Page’ or ‘How to install WordPress.’ We respond to these types of headlines in a positive way because we are actively seeking answers to a problem in the first instance.

More How To Headline Examples

  • How to Check in for a Flight Online
  • How to Use Instagram on a PC
  • How Can I Upgrade Windows

Adding Scarcity and Shock Value

Add some scarcity or shock value by turning the irresistible result into a more tangible, more specific benefit. Make the common obstacles something really frustrating to your audience, and similarly make the pleasant action something very desirable.

  • How to Check in for a Flight Online (Even If You Have No Computer)
  • Effective Ways to Use Instagram on a PC (Without Getting Mad)
  • How to Upgrade Windows (While Relaxing and Not Stressing Out)
  • How to Buy X at Half Price ( Before Everyone Else Gets Them )

Reading This Headline and Interested So Far?

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