13. Florida Keys’ Popular Sport


Standup paddleboarding is a popular sport in the Florida Keys, appealing to a diverse cross-section of people who want to “unplug.” Some people have made it unique by combining adventure into the journey in a way you might like to try, too.

12. Beneath the stars


Some people have started night time paddleboarding trips and it looks awesome. Boating in the clear water under the clear nighttime sky is as peaceful as it gets. That’s not the only other way people are cruising on these waters, though.

11. Who Needs A Gym?


These people don’t need a gym for sure. Paddleboarding can be exhausting, and when you combine it with a work-out like this, you won’t need to hit the gym to get in shape.

There are many ways that people are enjoying paddleboarding, and many of them are quite unique. If you’re into something more exciting than the average paddleboarding experience, you’re going to love what one woman decided to do.

10. Popular Companions


Some people even take their dogs along for the ride. However, Karly Venezia, a resident of Florida Keys has a unique companion during her evening paddleboard excursions.
It’s not your average campanion…

9. Karly And Loretta


For Karly, paddleboarding is incomplete without the companionship of her pet chicken, Loretta. The rides are also a way for Karly to spend quality time with Loretta. They make sure they have a lot of fun together, creating new adventures every time they set out on the water. 

8. Loretta’s Leisure Time


Loretta, a one-year-old Rhode Island chicken, maintains perfect balance as she joins Karly on her paddleboard. They cruise around the blue waters of the Florida Keys. Karly wasn’t too surprised to learn that Loretta found the paddleboarding very relaxing. Exactly why she needs to relax though, may be a question hard to answer.

7. Curiosity Takes You Places


“Loretta’s very curious and follows us around the yard,”  says Karly. Loretta did not like being left alone. So Karly and her husband Mike started taking her out for little trips, and soon, she joined them in their paddleboarding.

This chicken wasn’t a chicken in the sense of bravery, however.

6. The Chicken That Was Game


Karly says that Loretta loves the paddleboarding experience. She always seems to have a great time during paddleboarding jaunts, sitting and watching quietly at the front of the board.

She’s not a silent partner, either.

5. The Brave Loretta


Loretta displays no fear of the water or paddle movements, rather, she enjoys them. She sure is defying the dictionary’s “cowardly” slang definition for chicken. And Karly enjoys her leisure time more in her company.
It’s odd to see a chicken love water so much, especially considering it’s not just paddleboarding she’s into.

4. Loretta Loves The Water


“Loretta seems to enjoy water-related activities. In addition to paddleboarding, we’ve taken her out boating too and she always seems to have a great time” Karly said.  Apart from boating and paddleboarding, there’s something very special that these two share…

3. The Florida Keys Sunset


“Paddleboarding’s very calming and I like hanging out with Loretta; she’s an awesome pet to have,” said Karly. “So for us, I think coming out here and getting to enjoy the beautiful sunsets is what makes living in the Keys so special.” Karly would never have imagined what would follow their little excursions, and she was shocked at who was interested in their story.

2.The Popular Duo


Loretta’s little trips soon grew in popularity. Loretta and Karly are internet celebrities now and have been featured on news channels across the US. They usually get described by a phrase you thought you would never hear.

1.Poultry In Motion


Karly and Loretta have become internet sensations and a video of them paddleboarding together has been shared thousands of times and continues to be a hit. People have said that watching the duo cruise along a protected kayak trail at sunset is simply “poultry in motion.”