Create a Tree Sphere Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

By combining the right photography you can create a stunning Photo Manipulation in Photoshop. In today's tutorial, Baka Arts, teaches you how to Create a Tree Sphere Photo Manipulation in Photoshop, containing a mixture of nature based images to create a green environment inside a broken crystal ball. This tutorial

Free Download: Weather Icons Set Flat Long Shadow

Today's freebie is a set of Weather Icons Set Flat Long Shadow, containing 15 high quality Weather Forecast Icons in a layered PSD File. This Free Download: Weather Icons Set Flat Long Shadow will work perfect with your future design projects. These weather icons will be very helpful for the weather forecast

Free PSD Template: Flat One Page Website

This week's Freebie is a Free PSD Template: Flat One Page Website based on the Flat Design trend. Colorful Flat One Page is a multi-purpose website template, excellent for use with the popular Twitter Bootstrap, making it form the base of a creative Portfolio or Business Website Template. Designed

Best Freebies for Web Designers 2013

Working in Web Design can sometimes be difficult if you don't many resources or online tools to download Freebies for Web Designers. If you're a web designer, you're always on the lookout for new and fresh Freebies, whether it's icons, psd templates, mockup psds or html5 templates. Throughout the year

50+ Gadget Design Photoshop Tutorials & Freebies

Photoshop is a Designer's best friend when it comes to creating Realistic Gadget Design. Gadget Design Photoshop Tutorials & Freebies are essential if you're into Gadgets like smartphones, mp3 players, and tablets.  There are a lot of quality tutorials available that will show you step-by-step how to design a great-looking gadget.  Here

25 CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers in 2013

In the ever growing industry of Design, Web Designers have to continuously keep up the date with the latest CSS3 Tutorials. Most of us don't have time to look through websites finding the latest CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers, learning new and fresh css3 tutorials helps you to express more

30+ Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs to Inspire You

December is a fantastic time to Graphic Designers to start designing beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs, sometimes Christmas time can be boring with the usual christmas designs that come out with boring photography and design work. Holiday's are once again getting closer, we all have our own thoughts on

Free Download: Classic Flat Design Icons Set

Today's freebie are 16 Classic Flat Design Icons Set in vector and psd shapes format. This Free Download: Classic Flat Design Icons Set is inspired by the Flat Design style which started with Microsoft Windows 8 and has grown to other design mediums. The term Flat Design has been used

40 Seamless Photoshop Pixel Patterns (.PAT File)

Today's freebie is a set of 40 Seamless Photoshop Pixel Patterns (.PAT File), these Pixel Patterns are a great alternative to gradients, filters and textures. Pixel Patterns are fantastic to use for backgrounds in graphics, websites and interfaces. These Photoshop Pixel Patterns have a transparent background so that they can be applied

35 Stylish Illustration Websites for Inspiration

There are many ways to make your website standout from the crowd, creating Illustration Websites can enhance your websites creativity and feel. Illustration Websites is a great way to bring more color and visual appeal to the viewer, using elements like Photography, Digital Illustrations or Hand Drawn Illustrations can