35 Stylish Illustration Websites for Inspiration

There are many ways to make your website standout from the crowd, creating Illustration Websites can enhance your websites creativity and feel. Illustration Websites is a great way to bring more color and visual appeal to the viewer, using elements like Photography, Digital Illustrations or Hand Drawn Illustrations can

40 Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials to Learn

If you're a Graphic Designer or Digital Illustrator, you would use Adobe Illustrator on a regular basis. It's essential we keep up to date with the latest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials to help us keep learning new trends and skills in the design industry. An illustrator is an artist who specializes

Free PSD: 10 Christmas Photoshop Shapes

Today's freebie is a set of 10 Christmas Photoshop Shapes. In the months of November and December it's usually a busy time for designers needing to create Christmas related projects for their clients. These Free PSD: 10 Christmas Photoshop Shapes are perfect if you're looking for some simple Christmas Photoshop

55 Bootstrap Themes & Templates You’ll Love

When it comes to web design, to create a personal website can sometimes be daunting. Many of us look towards website builders or premade templates. If you're looking to build a responsive website, Bootstrap is also a great option. By using Bootstrap you'll find there are lots of benefits, you'll be

5 Essential Freelance Tools for Beginners

Not only do Freelancers have to be creative with their design projects, they also have to be in the know when it comes to essential freelance tools. Freelancers need to be in charge of accounts dept and responsible for managing projects and keeping track of where you’re spending your time.

How To Receive Cash Back When You Buy Images from Stock Agencies

We all know how energy-depleting it is to search the web for suitable stock images to use in a project. The reason why it takes so long is because you’re determined to get the best value for your money. However accustomed you are to this routine, I must let

33 Beautiful Photoshop Layer Styles for Text Effects

Graphic Designers sometimes need to save time by using Photoshop Layer Styles instead of creating styles from scratch. Like Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Layer Styles are little Photoshop Styles which contain presets that instantly transform your boring text to something exciting. Layer styles are special effects that can be quickly

Free PSD: 40 Social Icons Colored & Dented

One essential tool for any web designer or graphic designer are social icons. This week's freebie is a set of Free PSD: 40 Social Icons Colored & Dented. We've seen a lot of social icons using the Flat Trend, we've decided to go 'old school' and create a free set

30+ Excellent Web Design Books You’ll Love

Learning Web Design can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't have the right guides. Web Design is one of the most fastest growing industries today, but when you stare at a screen all day sometimes you want some timeout but keep learning. Web Design Books can be fantastic

Free Download: Awesome 3 Color UI Kit

This week's freebie is a Awesome 3 Color UI Kit, featuring minimalist 3 color UI Kits including Pink, Green & Blue. UI Kits are a fantastic tool to boost your interface designs. Most of us dread the blank screen when designing an interface, this set of Awesome 3 Color UI Kit