Creating the house of your dreams is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with many exciting possibilities. As you plan the layout and features of your home, consider function, fun and the return your house will bring if you ever choose to sell.

What features can you upgrade to be convenient and lasting? What elements can you incorporate to bring joy and a sense of wonder into your space? Here are 10 unique luxury home additions to take your living space to the next level:

Elevated Exterior

Creating a beautiful exterior will elevate the entire feel of your home. First impressions matter, and the outside deserves as much attention as the inside. Curb appeal has a consistently high ROI, so you should give your house’s external features plenty of attention.

Consider how structural elements, color palette and cardinal directions impact your home’s exterior. What story do you want the outside of your house to tell? Make sure to choose durable materials that are easy to keep clean to reduce future upkeep.

Spacious Kitchen

Luxury kitchens are always a wise investment, especially if appliances are updated. They raise the value of your whole house and improve your day-to-day living experience. Plan your kitchen with a thoughtful layout and plenty of storage space to make future homeowners happy.

Choose durable, neutral materials for timeless charm. Alternatively, make the kitchen your own with bold color choices and unique lighting. Many homeowners are also adding technology – consider installing a central vacuum system and connecting appliances and lights to your Wi-Fi.

Updated Bathroom

Bathrooms are another space that brings a high return on investment in the housing market. Reimagine what this space could be. Traditionally, bathrooms are a place for rest, rejuvenation and self-care.

In addition to updating and stylizing this space, you could consider adding a home spa to the heart of your home. Some luxury homeowners also incorporate saunas and hot tubs into this space. Whatever you decide, remember to balance personal preference with timeless choices other homeowners would enjoy.

Hidden Passageway

Consider incorporating a hidden passageway or secret room to add a sense of mystery and fun to your home. Yes, this is a real thing! Options for this space and the mechanism for its entry are endless – you could build a secret library, connect two rooms you use frequently, or conceal a closet or safe room.

Creative options for a hidden door include rock walls, bookcases, paneling and staircases. You could even go full Narnia and install a magic wardrobe into your home. Mechanisms for opening doors can be remote or hand-operated. Have fun with this upgrade!

Home Theater

The advent of the pandemic has meant many people turned to home entertainment to scratch their cinema itch. With so many streaming services releasing new features and an endless library of classics, many homeowners are converting spare living spaces into luxurious home theaters for their personal movie nights and social gatherings.

While the main living room is one option, some homeowners find extra space in their basement or even their garage perfect for a media room that allows for dramatic sound. Besides a big screen and comfy seatings, home theaters should have good insulation and soundproofing to reduce noise issues, recessed lighting for that cinema experience and, of course, a home bar or popcorn machine just for fun.

Hand-Painted Mural

Consider adding a mural. They bring character and atmosphere to your home and can be used to upgrade any room. They are created to suit each space and are a unique decorative accent, highlighting architecture and adding a sense of luxury.

Murals are a wonderful addition to luxury homes because they are entirely unique. You can work closely with a mural artist to add beauty and a sense of magic to your space. New homeowners can easily choose to embrace or paint over a mural if the home is ever sold.

Curated Grounds

Another way to add luxury to your property is by updating your outdoor space. Beautiful landscaping, winding garden paths, and comfortable areas add value and curb appeal. They also increase your living space by making the great outdoors a usable part of your home.

Your luxury home’s outdoor space will depend on location, how much property you own and how your house sits on the land. Some landscape elements can take years to mature, so if you’re interested in large trees, you may want to purchase property where they’ve already put down roots.

Luxury Treehouse

Who said treehouses were only for children? Consider adding a luxury treehouse to your grounds, complete with modern amenities and fairy lights. You could even connect several elevated spaces with rope bridges for a full experience.

Luxury treehouses are built to suit the trees on your property as well as your personal style. They can range from a literal “house in the trees” to scaled-down versions that blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. Treehouses bring a sense of wonder and magic to any luxury property.

Natural Light

Another way to add luxury to your home is by bringing in more light. Consider installing a wall-sized window, adding skylights or using sun tunnels to bring light to naturally dark spaces. Large panes of glass are a classic but modern addition.

In addition to upgrading your home, letting more light in will also boost your lifestyle. Natural light leads to higher levels of productivity, positivity and hopefulness. It helps fight seasonal depression and is a major selling point for homes. Make sure to consider the orientation of your house with the rise and fall of the sun as you form a plan for natural lighting.

10. Fabulous Library

If you love reading or were obsessed with “Beauty and the Beast” as a child, this feature is the perfect way to add a unique wow factor to your space. You could even add a rolling ladder if you have enough books and built-in shelves. If you don’t have enough, space them out with plants, vases and other knickknacks.

If books aren’t your thing, consider building a library to house something else you love to collect. Bookshelves are the perfect showcase for small artforms, antique vases and figurines. A home library doesn’t have to be enormous – its charm lies in being built to fit a specific space. Custom-built bookshelves also suit a hidden doorway perfectly.

Living in Luxury

The definition of a luxurious home depends on who you are and what you love. That definition is up to you. Consider how you can make your house convenient, but don’t forget to have fun, too.

Add one or several of these 10 luxury home additions to create a living space that’s comfortable, unique and exciting.


Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her real estate work has been published by the National Association of REALTORS®, Rental Housing Journal, and other online publications.