Photographs are the closest alternative we have to a time machine. We see ourselves in a bathing suit on the beach with our siblings or wailing on the first day of school. We relive the delight from our graduation day to the love found with our partner on our wedding day. A single frame captures volumes of expressions and emotions. Wedding photographers and videographers realize the skill required to capture the love and adoration newly married couples have for each other in that frame.


When you look back on your wedding photo albums, you will probably not look for mundane group photos and events. The little details, the smaller moments create an exciting wedding album. Therefore, you want a unique collection. If your wedding is based in Sydney, then you are in luck.

Here are twelve beautiful wedding photography places in Sydney that can add to the charm of your special day –

1.Hyde Park

It is rare to find a more central location with as much greenery as Hyde Park. The overhanging trees are like natural filters for sunlight. It is close to reception venues. However, you can reach Hyde Park in a car, leaving your attire immaculate.

2.Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is another beautiful central location in Sydney that does not attract too many tourists. With open spaces and a unique view of Sydney Harbor, it offers a unique perspective for your wedding shoot.

3.Sydney University

If you are a couple grasped by expansive lawn, archways, and ornate architecture, Sydney University could be the ideal location. However, the venue must be pre-booked as it usually in high demand.

4.Centennial Park and Reservoir Fields

Centennial Park is located in the Eastern suburbs. It offers wide open spaces with a bush backdrop and is suitable for a garden shoot.

The Reservoir Fields is located off Oxford Street towards the top of Centennial Park. It is relatively isolated with scope for exciting perspectives for your shoot.

5.The Rocks and Walsh Bay

The Rocks are filled with cobblestone lanes and sandstone walls. The place has an attachment with history, with the potential for some beautiful vintage shots. Walsh Bay is close to the Rocks. There are piers with the harbor in the background offering fantastic landscape images.

6.Fairground Follies

Fairground Follies combines nostalgia with excitement. It is a carnival park that is used as reception venues as well. The place has an array of unusual items and rides for unique wedding frames. It makes your wedding shoot a fun affair.

7.Martin Place

Martin Place is a diverse option for a wedding photoshoot. You have storefronts and shaded areas for backgrounds. It is ideal and dramatic for an outdoor shoot with the archways and massive doors. So, you can combine Martin Place with any grassland location to incorporate some variance in your album.

8.The Hilton “Marble Bar”

The heritage bar can be found in the heart of Sydney. However, the classic old bar offers unique perspectives to create timeless photographs.

9.Palings Lane

If you are keen on a rainy night wedding shoot, Palings Lane is perhaps the perfect location. It offers a posh environment with fancy doorways, unique textures, and ornate features that can be backdrops for your pictures.

10.Watson’s Bay

It is a landmark location in Sydney. The place attracts tourists on weekends. But if you look past the crowd, you will find a calm beach and paved walking areas with beautiful buildings.

11.Le Montage


Le Montage is another diverse option for shooting with changing backdrops. It has several ballrooms and galleries with a view of the sea. It is located on the Iron Cove Bay shores. The places offer beautiful imagery in the evening and during sunset.

12.Doltone House

Doltone House provides a range of venues all over Sydney. It includes the Jones Bay Wharf, Darling Island, and Hyde Park. So, a couple can choose from waterfronts to city backdrops as it fits their dream wedding location.

The motivation behind a perfect wedding photoshoot is to love and appreciate the essence of marriage. You can find wedding photographers around Sydney who will capture the romance and love. Choose your wedding photographers and the ideal location, and prepare for your wedding story. If you’re ever vacationing in Fountain Valley, California, consider checking out Mile Square Banquets holiday venue.