Millions of people in Canada today live in Condo units across the country. There is a reason why many people find it a better choice than living in a detached house. There has been an increase in demand for these condos in the country, and that is why one will hardly find a Condo in the market for long before it is sold out or rented.

There are benefits to living in a condo, and we will look at a few of them in this article.


One of the many reasons why people prefer condos is because of its prices. The real estate market is very competitive and especially in the biggest cities in Canada. Rent is high, and instead of spending money on a rented apartment, you can easily own a Condo for the same price of rent you would pay monthly. Condos come with affordable mortgage solutions that make you a homeowner easily. Once you pay off your mortgage, you own your Condo unit and no longer need to worry about rent.

Urban Lifestyle

Condos are modern buildings come with state of the art facilities and upgrades. You will find most condos in the heart of the city, where you can get a great view of the traffic and beautiful lights, especially at night. You also enjoy access to transport, and you can get to your workplace in the nick of time.

You can get a good condo that keeps you close to the city, especially if you look at new condos in Hamilton. You would find the Westerly Condos in Cordova Avenue built to taste, with new condos built in 20 stories and 257 units. It has close access to several transit options and is perfectly situated in the prime West Toronto pocket.

Increased Value  

Real estate is always worth investing in, and owning a condo offers you a chance to make good money in the future. If your condo unit is in the heart of the city, you can get it sold at a very high price as it appreciates over the years. The prices go up every year, and you will make a lot whenever you decide to sell.


Living in a condo gives you luxury and comfort. You have almost everything you need in a modern condo building. Most condos come with amenities like indoor pools, gyms, spas, entertainment rooms, and even a theatre. You will enjoy living in a Condo because it also offers security. There is usually a park where you can do your morning walks, and you also get to make great friends when you spend time in the common areas sharing the amenities of the condo. You can host small parties and BBQs with friends and families by the pool or in the entertainment room.


You don’t need to work about the maintenance of the condo like lawn-care, or major renovations. Condos mostly managed by a company that handles all of the maintenance needs. You only get to share in the costs along with the other condo residents. Sharing maintenance costs is much cheaper than when you have to take care of a detached house by yourself. The condo fees are paid monthly, and a reserve fund is put aside in case of major renovations.

If you would love to own a new condo, you should look for new condos in Hamilton. You will find one that meets your needs.