Usually when we think of ‘sleeve tattoos’ we imagine arms, but sleeve tattoos also look amazing on legs! There’s something very beautiful about the shape of legs, for women they are one of the most attractive part of the body, while for men they often showcase strength with leg muscles. These leg sleeve tattoos were inked by some very talented tattoo artists!

If you’re thinking of getting a leg sleeve tattoo, these tattoos prove that leg sleeve tattoos are pretty creative! The leg makes for a great canvas and can work well with any imaginative and stylish tattoo idea!

Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas





Black and Grey Leg Sleeve by Joseph Haefs

Jessie Highlands Black and Grey Leg Sleeve

Leg Tattoos by Franz Stefanik

Tattoo by Jesse Smith

Leg Tattoos by Shon Lindauer and Thomas Morgan

Tattoo by Marco Manzo

Myke Chambers Leg Tattoos

Stefano C Tattoo

Stuart G Cripwell Tattoo

Stuart g Cripwell Tattoo