A Résumé plays an essential part of selling yourself to the recruiter. When they look at your resume they spend just approximately 6 seconds looking, therefore it’s essential you make the best of your resume design to make it standout and count. With an impressive resume design employees will show them you’re full of creativity and ideas with plenty of imagination to boot!

While designing a Résumé from scratch may not be suitable for everyone, for people in the graphic design industry it’s a must. Self promotion is a must when it comes to designers and artists, here’s a collection of 27 Minimalist Examples of Résumé Designs to help you find inspiration and come up with the latest and trendy ideas.

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1. The Black, White, and Minimalist Résumé:

The Black, White, and Minimalist Résumé:


There is a free résumé template here.


Super simple and no-frills. Get the template here.


You can download the free template here.


Anneleen Maelfeyt from Herfstmensje for Pieter Baert / Via anneleenmaelfeyt.be

Sometimes all you need is one quirky font.

12. The One-Color Résumé:

The One-Color Résumé:


Get the free template here.


You can purchase the template here.


This is a template you can also purchase from Etsy.


Free download of the PSD files here.


See what a difference a well-designed résumé makes?

22. The Multi-Color Résumé:

The Multi-Color Résumé:

Get the free template here.


Get the step-by-step here.