There are thousands of products out on the market today, with so many package designs has never been so important.

Many of us are bombarded with countless package designs daily, creating clever and mind blowing package designs can sometimes be difficult. Lots of trends have risen like renewable package and eco friendly materials.

More than ever packaging design has never been so popular, nowadays all sorts of industries require it. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs, these are all amazing and really stand out from the crowd! If you’re looking for some Package Design inspiration, checkout these…


Earth-friendly, protective egg packaging


Designed by monstop

Juicy Juice


Designer: Preston Grubbs

Spine Vodka


Gortz Shoes


Designer: Gürtlerbachmann GmbH



Designer: Saturday Mfg

Nike Air


Designer: Scholz & Friends

Designer: Johannes Schulz

Royal Tea

Company: Donkey Products

(No) More Sex

Designer: Robert Daniel Nagy & Mads Jakob Poulsen

“Smoking Kills” Cigarette Package

Designer: unknown

Rellana Wool

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany

Kitchen Sponge

Designer: unknown

Detergent Package

Designer: unknown

Juicy Juice Packagings

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Six Feet Under DVD Box

Designer: unknown

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Designer: unknown

CD Bakery

Designer: York/Sheridan

Blood – Energy Drink

Designer: Unknown

Nike Stadium Shoe Box

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Vagina Can

Designer: unknown

Coconut Water

Designer: unknown

White and Color Laundry Detergent

Designer: unknown

Hand Cream

Designer: unknown

Expiry Date Milk Cartons

Designer: Ko Yang

Tea Hangers

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

What’s Wrong? Help Remedies

Designer: ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

Yogurt Spooning

Designer: Cho Hye-seung

Condom Packaging

Designer: unknown

Freshness Label

This food label changes its color by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is becoming spoiled.

Concept by To-Genkyo

Milk Package

Designer: Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre

Flower Pills

Designer: Moon Sun-Hee