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    50 Clever Yogurt Packaging Designs

    Yogurt is a yummy and healthy choice to consume, many of us have them in our fridge and love to enjoy them daily! Yogurt is usually made with Dairy, but it can also be made with Coconut Milk (my favorite!) When you open your yogurt do you take any notice of the packaging? Today we’ll

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    31 Most Creative Packaging Design You’ll Ever See

    Creative Packaging design can make our lives easier, with so many packaging out there for products it’s a very important part of the product. These examples of packaging design will showcase just how clever and creative it can be. We’re constantly being bombarded with packaging on a daily basis, when we buy our coffee in

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    42 Wine Bottles Every Designer Should See

    Wine Bottles are one of the most beautifully designed packaging, with their elegant glass bottle shape and cork seal. The labels on Wine Bottles have usually got a lot of planning behind them. Many important features go into a Wine Bottle design, like where the wine was made, the wine type and the name of

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    30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs

    There are thousands of products out on the market today, with so many package designs has never been so important. Many of us are bombarded with countless package designs daily, creating clever and mind blowing package designs can sometimes be difficult. Lots of trends have risen like renewable package and eco friendly materials. More than

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    25 Creative Food Packaging Designs

    When it comes to producing food that's going to be sold to public, Food Packaging is an important part of the process. When you go into a supermarket, Food Packaing Designs are everywhere you look. In this day and age Food Companies can no longer afford to package their food with boring designs. These days Food

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    20+ Fresh Examples of Package Design for Inspiration

    Having beautiful product packing is important when trying to sell a new product, it must relate to your targeted audience and standout. In this collection of Product Packaging we'll be going through some new & fresh ideas.