For anyone searching to depict a positive outlook on life, an arrow tattoo can be a great place to start. An arrow being pulled back on the bow can depict life dragging someone down, whereas the arrow being released propels them straight ahead into something new and positive.

With that being said, an arrow can only shoot forward by being pulled back, so only by going through dark times can you push yourself to better ones.

These 35 amazing arrow tattoo ideas for women showcase how creative and clever arrow tattoos can be!


Behind the Ear
Pointing North
Finger Love
Collarbone Kiss
On the Ribs
Triple Threat
Shaded In
Little Heart
Shoot Straight
Beaded Arrow
Cartography Symbols
Dream On
Walk the Line
Bow and Arrow
Decked Out
Hand Signal
Image Source: Instagram user kyrmse
“Still I Rise”
Bicep Arrow
Sailor Moon
The Pact
Teeny-Tiny Arrows
“Learn to Fly”
Lines and Dots
Circle of Life
Sun and Moon
Best Friends
Double Trouble
Diamond in the Rough
Seeing Eye
“Vous Etes Belle”
On the Foot
Even Sarah Hyland Got an Arrow Ink

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