Designing a website is the best way to create an online presence for a business. When a business has a health or ecommerce website, they find it easier to get customers and increase revenue. This is particularly true for those freelance health and beauty professionals in a competitive field. Having a trendy website is a key to online success in these fields. Find out how to make your website stand out with the trendy design tips for health and beauty professionals. This way, you can create an online business presence that boosts your bottom line.

Use Illustrations

One of the newest web design trends is to use illustrations in place of photos. When a website design includes colorful illustrations, it immediately draws page visitors’ eyes in. That makes page visitors spend more time on your health and beauty website. Ultimately, that will only help you grow your online business presence to grow your sales. Of course, there are some parts of your webpage that may require real photographs, like your customer testimonials section. But, be sure to use hand drawn illustrations or digital illustrations to draw attention to various page elements. This is one of the best web design trends for health and beauty professionals to stand out.

Online Booking Tools

The best health and beauty websites include online reservation features. These consumer tech tools make it easier to find and book clients for your health and beauty business. You should make online reservations a prominent feature on the website. Then, you can easily track website traffic for how many people visit your website and make a booking. Of course, this would help you predict busy and slow times for maximize your income. When customers can book beauty services online, they are much more likely to make an appointment with that beauty professional. That is why one of the hottest trends for health and beauty website design is to include online booking features for customers.

Make It Colorful

Another trending website design strategy is to utilize bright, saturated colors on webpages. These websites with bright color schemes are some of the most appealing to the eye. Website visitors linger longer on your website, enjoying the imagery and color saturation. In addition, bright colors and color-saturated web designs are a perfect fit for a health and beauty website. When there are more colors present on a page, you have much more flexibility to showcase your health and beauty work. If you are designing your own website, be sure to utilize this top web design trend.

Create Simplistic Designs

One of the best web design trends is to keep your look clean and simple. A minimalist design works best in the beauty and health industries because visitors expect a clean experience throughout. Clean lines and simple details are more appealing to health-conscious consumers. In addition, they are also more user-friendly when it comes to website navigation. They prevent slow loading internet issues too, since more simplistic website designs take less load time. As noted by eWebResults, a plastic surgery SEO provider, “SEO isn’t just adding content to your website. It’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of campaign, either.” Your website should be user friendly, fast loading and attractive to rank in the search engines. Using this simplistic trend, you can compete with all the top beauty websites and stand out from your local business competition online.

Include Outline Typefaces

Another one of the newest website design trends is the use of outline fonts. These bold, but simple font choices are another way to draw website visitors’ attentions to key information you want them to see. When designing a health and beauty website for business, there is certainly crucial information on your page that you want consumers to see. Business owners can draw visitors’ eyes to that information using outline typefaces in larger font sizes. It is one of the minimalist website design strategies that is trending now because, it keeps website designs simple and easy to navigate while serving an essential function.

Designing your own health and beauty website will make it easier to find customers for a freelance beauty business. It does not have to be difficult. Just follow the five top trendy design tips for health and beauty websites detailed above. Use illustrations in addition to traditional photographs. Include online booking tools in your website design. Remember to make your designs colorful, but simple. And, use the right outline fonts to draw attention to important website features and details. By following these trendy design tips, your health and beauty website can stand out among the competition.