Cops are trained to notice things that civilians would look passed. They are always on the look out for danger or suspicion thanks to intense training and the need to protect and serve their community. One cop noticed that a girl he interacted with almost every day had gone missing and decided to take action into his own hands.

Klynn Scales

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This is Klynn Scales. She had gone missing in the 1990s from Kansas City, Missouri. She had two younger brothers and lived with her mother in a small house.

Kansas City

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At the time, Kansas City was still making its way up from poverty and crime. Parents would always keep a close eye on their children and would rarely let them stay out alone late at night.

Struggling to Live

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It’s never easy being a single mom, especially for Klynn’s family. They didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but their mom tried her best to make ends meet. Klynn had a simple life and would always wave to the police officers out on the street in the neighborhood.

Nice Routine

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It became a routine for Klynn to wave to the police officers and for them to smile and wave back. It was a testament to just how happy she was. It also helped that the officers provided a positive male role model in the girl’s life. However, the officers had no idea what went on behind the closed doors of Klynn’s home.

Stealing Food

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Due to their money troubles, Klynn and her brothers would steal food from the grocery store so they wouldn’t starve. They knew it was wrong, but what else could they do?

Missing Klynn

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One day, the police officer noticed that Klynn wasn’t on the street to wave to him. He became suspicious and decided to knock on her door. There wasn’t any answer, though. After knocking harder, he decided to enter the property. When he entered the house, he saw Klynn lying on the floor with her eyes wide open and shaking. He knew something was wrong immediately.


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The cop brought Klynn to the hospital where she was diagnosed as severely malnourished. If the officer hadn’t gone into the house, she could have died. Klynn would never forget the officer who had saved her life and thought about him for years after the incident.

Finding the Officer

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Twenty years after that fateful day, Klynn decided she wanted to track down the officer who saved her. Even though she would wave to him everyday as a child, she never got his name. So, she asked the Kansas City Police Department for help.

Getting Closer

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Through Facebook and social media, Klynn was able to get closer to finding the police officer that saved her. She messaged another officer in the department and gave him a description of the man. He directed her to Sergeant Jeff Colvin.

Sergeant Jeff Colvin

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As Jeff heard about the girl looking for him, he started to remember Klynn and finding her on the floor of her home. He decided to give Klynn a call and see how life was treating her. After their conversation, they decided to meet face-to-face again.

The Good Life

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Jeff was so happy to see that Klynn was doing well and her life had turned around since being in the hospital. She started to focus on herself and avoiding relationships with toxic people. She also decided to become a cop and was attending the academy in Houston.

Personal Hero

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Sergeant Jeff Colvin was Klynn’s hero. If it hadn’t been for him, she could have died. So, she decided to share her gratitude in a Facebook post and publicly thank him for his heroic efforts.

Going Viral

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It wasn’t long before Klynn’s post caught people’s attention and went viral. Her post inspired others to personally thank their heroes and people they looked up to as well. It became a movement!

Following Her Dreams

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Klynn went on to graduate from the police academy and became a police officer. “Dreams do come true,” she wrote on Facebook.

Inviting Jeff

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It was because of Sergeant Jeff that Klynn wanted to become a police officer. So, she invited him from Missouri to Houston to attend her graduation. Of course, he came and was so proud to see her fulfill her dream.

Hard Working Mom

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Along with overcoming the difficulties of a hard childhood, Klynn now has two children of her own and is working hard to give them the life that they deserve.

Single Mom

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Klynn is also a single mom, just like her mother was. However, she makes sure that her children never have to go through what she did as a child. They always have food on the table and a loving home to come back to.

Good People

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There are some people in this world who never expect anything in return for their good deeds. Sergeant Jeff Colvin is one of those people. He never expected to be thanked for his saving Klynn, but she knew it was only right.

Token of Appreciation

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Klynn had this metal bracelet engraved as a gift for Sergeant Jeff Colvin to show just how grateful she was for everything he has done in her life. If it weren’t for him, she would have died and never would have had her family or become a police officer.

Jeff’s Family

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Jeff is quite the family man. He loves his children with all of his heart and his wife, Vanessa. He truly is a good person who lives an overall happy life.

Good Natured

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There aren’t many good-natured people in the world. They are difficult to find. However, Klynn was able to find one of them – Sergeant Jeff Colvin.

Jeff’s Trials

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Jeff hasn’t had the easiest life, either. It turns out that he had a son who passed away when he was young. Vanessa and Jeff were devastated, but they were able to get through their grief together and stay optimistic about life.

Overcoming Difficulties

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Every trial and tribulation we experience in our lives helps us grow stronger. Jeff and Klynn have both had hard obstacles to overcome throughout their lifetimes. This is just one thing they can bond over and talk about.

Trust Your Instincts

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You should always trust your instinct. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink, wrote about this idea in his book. If it hadn’t been for Jeff’s instinct to check on Klynn back in 1998, she would have died.

Happily Ever After

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Always do good in the world. People won’t always be thankful, but you will leave a lasting impact on them and the world. Gratitude isn’t everything, but it is nice when it is received.