Getting a tattoos can be challenging when your parents don’t like the idea! But if you’re looking for tattoo ideas that are subtle and aren’t large and ‘in your face’, you should check out these beautiful subtle tattoo ideas your parents won’t mind you having.

Tattoos can be quite stylish and fashionable if done in a appropriate way. Who need loud and brash tattoos when you can have something that’s elegant and simple!

These subtle tattoos feature some wonderful ideas like geometric shapes, simple handwritten words and animals. Personally I think these tattoos are very tasteful and quite cute!

1. Simple Hands

2. Lettering Up the Ankle

3. Abstract Designs

4. Finger Script

5. Crossroads

Taylor Kaclik / Via

6. Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread
Doctor Woo / Via

7. Aperture

Júlia Bicudo / Via

8. Powerful Reminders

Powerful Reminders
Heather CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: fiftyseventimesover

9. Spine Accent

Spine Accent

10. Lover Birds

11. Minimalist Lettering

12. Outlines

13. Perfect Contours

14. Uneven Neck Lines

Uneven Neck Lines
Ke Neil We / Via

15. Geometrical Fragments

16. Constellations

17. …Perfect for the Heel

18. Tiny Cat Eyes

19. Palm Adornments

20. Your “Lover’s” name

21. Parallel Lines

22. Solitary Circle

23. Arm Bands

24. Elbow Inscriptions

Elbow Inscriptions
Musa Anoud Hernández / Via

25. Symmetrical Dots

26. Dotted Ears

27. Single Letter

28. Music Note

29. Hidden Heart and Arrow

30. Ripple

31. Triangles on the Sole

Triangles on the Sole
Penny Quirk / Via

32. Stacked Lines

33. Inner-Lip Cross

Inner-Lip Cross

34. Squiggle

35. Eclipse

36. Leaf


For all riot grrrls and Kathleen Hanna fans.

38. Collarbone Specks

39. Paper Crane

40. Silhouette

41. One-Word Statements

42. Concentric Dots

Try white ink for an even subtler look.

43. Solid-Line bracelet

Solid-Line bracelet
Hannah O’Byrne / Via

44. Scribbled Cursive on the Arm

45. …And the Back

46. …Or the Ribs

47. Outlines of Animals

48. Slightly Altered Lines

49. Pyramid of Dots

50. Roman Numerals

51. Forearm Bracelet

2. Finger Accents

3. Body Ribbon

Body Ribbon
Sanne Vaghi / Via Facebook: SanneVaghi

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