Halloween is the time to celebrate since it marks the beginning of the holiday season. You might be looking for great home decoration ideas for Halloween, but aren’t sure from where to start. Creating a perfect balance of stylish and scary takes a lot of hard work. Whether you want to keep the decoration to a minimum or give your house a complete makeover, get ready to organize the most wickedly party ever. We have gathered some easy and inexpensive DIY decoration ideas that are not just great for Halloween, but other scary festivals and adult theme parties as well.

1. Spider web on the windows

The easiest way to decorate your windows is putting the spider web on them. Get a black yarn, tape and scissors. With yarn, create the spider webs on the windows from the inside of your home. Use tape to stick the web on the windows. This is super easy to do and the best way to scare your neighbors.

2. Write a creepy mirror message

Writing spooky message on the mirror is a breeze to do. Tear letters out of the newspaper of the message you want to show. Stick them on the mirror with double-sided tape. Now put matte finish spray on the surface, and wait until it dries out. Afterwards, remove the letters, and you are done. Later you can use some glass cleaner to transform your mirror back to original.

3. Turn your entrance door to a haunted door

If you want to give your party guests a little extra scare, make your home entrance a little creepy. Get a doll, and transform it with scary makeup and put it at the entrance of the door. Adjust the doll in such a way that it looks like she is peeking out of the door to see who’s coming to the party.

4. Make ghost lanterns from milk jugs

Your old milk jugs are just right for this project. Get a few milk jugs, pencil, marker, knife, fairy lights and some rocks. Sketch different faces on milk jugs and fill it with the marker. Cut a small flap from the back side of the jugs to put the fairy lights. Also, put some stones inside so it won’t get bowled over.

5. Horrifying portrait décor

For some personalized decoration, print black and white photos of your friends and family, specifically the ones who are going to attend the party. Decorate their face with vampire teeth, put LEDs on their eyes and keep a few spiders around their frames.

6. Ghostly wine bottle candles

Another affordable and easy way to decorate your home this Halloween is using the empty bottles of wine as candle holders. Remove the labels from the bottles, and put candlesticks into them. Spray scary ghost faces on the bottles and place the bottles on the dinner table for a spooky display.

Halloween décor doesn’t need to be expensive, but you can use old materials that you already have to make your apartment look the scariest in your area.