Air conditioners are a must, but nobody cares to see the ugly box sitting on the outside that is your AC unit. However, if you’re going to screen your air conditioner unit from the public eye, be sure to bear in mind not to block its airflow or ventilation. To keep it from overheating, you need to surround your AC unit with either slatted panels or other natural materials that encourage airflow.

If you wish to cover up your tacky AC unit while also ensuring proper airflow, then this article will let you know how to hide the air conditioner unit outside using some of the most efficient tips we’ve laid out for you.

Exercise Proper Safety Measures

Before we get started, you need to make sure that whatever unit-covering solution you undertake adheres to your AC’s recommended safety precautions and encourages proper airflow. Many units come with a required distance essential for operation. Sometimes, you’ll be nullifying your warranty by placing enclosures way too close to your unit.

So be sure to inspect whatever enclosure you choose to prevent unnecessary blockages regularly.

You’ll also need to service your unit at some point, so it’s essential to have easy access to maintenance activities.

Best Ways to Hide Your Air Conditioner Unit


Bushes, or any other greenery type, is an effective way to hide an air conditioner with plants. Bushes (those that are pretty long in height) give the outside of your house a special touch of green and shield guests and relatives from the ugliness of your AC unit.

When you’re looking for a bush, be sure to choose one that is not only relatively easy to maintain but is also powerful enough to fight off the heat given off by your unit. Also, be sure to trim your bushes from time to time to keep them from overgrowing and promote airflow.


Another great way to hide an air conditioner is by fencing the unit in. Using fences as well as screens are an excellent way of seeing what you already have in your garden. What we mean is that you should take some ideas from elements that are already there in front of you to give your garden an integrated look. For an excellent fencing idea, look at what Landscape East & West have done for this particular backyard.

Iron Trellis

You might not be able to cover up the entire ugliness of your AC unit using an iron trellis, but it does solve many issues that would have been otherwise difficult to handle. For one, an iron trellis can be placed closer to the AC unit as it doesn’t cut off airflow as fences and shrubs do. Besides that, moving a trellis is very easy, giving us easy access to the unit. What’s more, is that a trellis offers homeowners plenty of opportunities to decorate their backyard, such as adding birdhouses and plants on it.

Aluminum Slats

If you desire a more fortified solution, consider opting for aluminum slats. Most modern homes believe that the mix of aluminum-clad gate and fence works well with many of their existing aesthetics. Apart from that, aluminum slats are ideal in the long run as they shield our unit from several elements of nature, such as insects, weathering, and more. If you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit and want to know the average cost of doing so, then visit this article.

Make a Dedicated Structure

Making a dedicated structure can be beneficial in more ways than just covering up your AC unit. Depending on your garden’s needs, this structure can also be used as a storage facility to place your garden watering hose, lawnmower, gardening tools, and other stuff. For a good idea, see what Art | Harrison Interiors & Collection’s structure is like. It not only offers an aesthetic touch to your entire household but also offers a place to store all your garden essentials.

Shutter Screen

Shutter screens can completely cover up the atrocious appeal of your AC unit, while also giving it a rather sophisticated, scruffy visual presence. It’s on you whether you choose a more vibrant color to help your backyard ‘pop’ or lean towards a more rustic-based hue that allows it to blend in naturally. Of course, you’ll need to strategically place the shutter screen so that it can be accessed when you want to open it for servicing.

Lawn Ornaments

Why not give your backyard more character by adding some lawn ornaments, which you can also use to conceal the presence of your AC unit. There are several ornaments to choose from, like gnomes, flamingos, wind spinners, or plant-shaped figures. Decorations can give your garden, lawns, and backyard some real artistic flair.

Lattice Vine Wall

Lattice vine walls will give your lawn, garden, or backyard a more romantic aesthetic, especially when the hideous AC unit is nowhere in sight. Not only that, but this ingenious covering method can also maintain your AC units airflow. In case we didn’t make it clear to you before, we just need to remind you that you shouldn’t place the flowers or anything else close to the unit as it would overheat.

Make a Little Decorative House

To make your AC unit less heinous to look at, you can surround it with an adorable wooden house. But when you do this, make sure that the house is built so that homeowners can lift it with ease when it’s time for service. We figured that this is much more efficient than just making a simple door to maintain access to your unit.